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For all you ladies….


Ever wanted to try you hand at weight training but been overwhelmed before you even picked up the bar?

Well not anymore….We now have a brand spanking new bar just for the girls that weighs only 7k.

Typically an Olympic bar weighs 20kg (these are the bars you normally see floating around in Daves). If you weigh 9.5 stone that’s a third of your weight already with JUST THE BAR. Who wants to be lifting that above their head when they’ve just started out? Not many – not even these guys!

So Dave and the crew thought it only fair to get some equipment in that was completely girl specific. This is very good news! This is not to say you need to start training like the beasts above don’t get me wrong – no one in their right mind wants to look like that. What it does meanis that you can be more precise with your technique, you have more choices to play around with in your training with better exercises, and better equipment to reach your individual targets.

So how do you use this new bar to fit in with YOUR training? This completely depends on what you are training for, whether you want to gain strength, size, or to LOSE WEIGHT and TONE up. Yes that’s right weight training is probably one of the most effective ways to lose fat and gain shape if used correctly (for more info check out Train for fat loss)
I will get on to exactly how to use the exercises to gain the results you desire, but first I’ll introduce you to 4 of the most fundamental and basic exercises that you can do using the bar and discs.

SQUAT (either front – as shown here, or back squat – the lady in yellow shown previously)

Probably the god of all weight training exercises. The squat is a whole body effort that will work the entire thigh and hamstring complex, core, and very importantly the glutes.


The deadlift is also a key exercise that cannot be forgotten. The deadlift will also work the glutes, quads, hamstring, but the deadlift is specifically good for strengthen the entire back and the core, making this lift great for rehabilitation, and injury prevention.


An upper body exercise that will work the muscles in the chest region, as well as help tone the arms (tighten those bingo wings)


There are a few ways in which this overhead press movement can be used, one of which is the military press this is where the weight is simply pressed above the head from the starting position, or you can use the lift more dynamically as a push press and involve the legs. It is more of a power based exercises and includes a dip before the press, so the legs help push the weight upwards. This exercise is great for arm work, shoulder stability, and again core.

These four are just four of the basic lifts, there are so many more, just grab any of the Daves gym staff to get more information about these or any exercises you want you have a stab at.

Like any exercise you can tailor the frequency (sets/repetitions), intensity (weight) and rest used with these lifts to your liking in respect to what you want to achieve.

Sets/reps: Variable
Rest: As little as possible
Intensity: 8 or 9/10

Sets/reps: 4 or 5 set with 1-6 reps
Rest: 3-5 mins
Intensity: 9 or 10/10

Sets/reps: 3 sets with 8-12 reps
Rest: 45- 60 secs
Intensity: 7/10

Sets/reps: Variable
Rest: 2-4 mins
Intensity :Weight 6/10
Speed: Fast

I fully support the use of these lifts and rarely workout without the use of the bar. Don’t follow the misconception that cardio is for women and weights are for men. I promise you that will not become huge and ‘manly’ by using these lifts. Females naturally don’t have the testosterone that can cause excessive bulk, and can’t therefore become huge…..

…… Unless chemically and illegally induced, and let’s face it rather scary.

Resistance training has meant that I am stronger, more toned and if you have seen me, not absolutely stacked! Bodies respond to stress, so if you don’t work your muscles how do you expect to tone them up?
So if you are bored of plodding on the treadmill, want some variation in your training, and want to change your shape GIVE IT A GO. Why wouldn’t you?

• Speak to the staff at Dave’s Gym. Ask an instructor to talk you through the equipment, discuss what you want to achieve and get a program designed specifically for you. If you are a monthly member you are entitled to an hour with our instructors every 6 weeks.
• Document your training, outline a program, set goals and aims with timescales and stick to it.
• Ask questions. We are here to give you assistance and advice, so use it. That’s what we are here for.


I personally want to see an increase in the numbers of women using resistance training….so…..as you enter the gym and look to your right, there is a board full of men (other than myself and two other girls) documenting their maximum efforts in the four lifts just described. Every woman that joins that board will be rewarded with a free sports massage at Dave’s Gym by SMART Recovery. Speak to one of the handsome men walking around the gym (Dave’s staff preferably) and they will tell you more.

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I hope this has inspired you. Any questions I’m often around training. I also motivate on a Thursday night and am happy to help you in any way I can.
For more information on the sports massage you can find us at

Enjoy won’t you
SMART Recovery

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