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Hench Celebs No 2. Christian Bale

When not screaming at crew for being unprofessional, Christain Bale is spending his time physically preparing himself for his next big role. The Welsh born Hollywood star is know for his commitment to his roles always becoming the character he portrays. This was noted when doing press for American Pyscho, he retainind his American accent in all his interviews. Most impressive to us gym freaks is Bale’s ability to drastically gain or loose weight in remarkable time for a role. Those of you who have ever cut down for a bodybuilding comp or fight will recognise his commitment.

Lets have a look at some of his memoral weight gains/ losses.

American Pyscho

He researched his character by studying the novel and prepared himself physically for the role by spending months tanning and exercising in order to achieve the “Olympian physique” of the character as described in the original novel.

In 2004 Bale was to play Trevor Reznik in the dark thiller, The Machinist. His character in theis role can nly be described as emaciated and skeletal. In order to achieve this he went on a crash diet of coffee and Apples, dropping his weight by 4st (63lb/ 27kg) to 8st (55kg) in a matter of months.


After the Machinist Bale bagged the role as Batman in Batman Begins. He was given 6 months to bulk up for the crime fighting role. with the help of the a personal trainer he managed to go from 130lbs to 230lbs.

Bale quoted
“…when it actually came to building muscle, I was useless. I couldn’t do one push up the first
day. All of the muscles were gone, so I had a real tough time rebuilding all of that.”
Bale had actually gained more weight than the director wanted and had to drop his weight down.
Rescue Dawn

In 2006 Bale Landed the role of Dieter Dengler in Vietnam movie rescue dawn. In this film Bale once again had to drop his weight to a more skeletal look of a prisoner of war. The film was shot in reverse order so Bale could gain weight gradually throughout the shoot, therefore making it look like he was loosing weight over time in the camp.

Bulked at the end of the movie.

Looking skinny at the start of filming / end of the movie.

The Fighter

Once again Bale lands a role between Batman movies that requires him to lose weight. This time his weight lose was helped by the sparring he had to do in order to learn the fighting style of his character Dicky Eklund.

Christian Bale is fantastic character actor who is always committed to his roles. He is capable of incredible weight gain and weight loss in short amount of time which is no easy feat. To accomplish his varying physiques he must have a clear understanding of diet and training, similar to any bodybuilder.

Dave’s Gym salutes you.
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