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A Power Circuit.

There are several key areas of strength and conditioning and to have good all round fitness you need to develop them all. I find that by looking at what I’m currently doing and comparing it to this list that I can see more clearly where I may be missing out.

Strength – how much force you can apply to a physical object.

Muscular Endurance – this is linked to your body’s ability to process lactic acid and to be able to keep going when it starts to burn.

Stamina – cardiovascular fitness.

Flexibility – the ability to move through a full range of motion.

Power – how quickly you can exert force.

To train and improve most of these is pretty straight forward; to get stronger try to lift heavier weights, to increase your fitness keep your heart rate above 85% of your max. You want to get more flexible then stretch more or do a yoga class. For greater Muscular endurance do lots of high rep, high volume weight training sessions. Power training, however, is a little bit trickier to do.
The problem is that, unless you have access to a room full of fancy scientific equipment, power is hard to measure. Without getting too bogged down in the technical details of power development there is one simple thing you can do in the gym to ensure that you’re using as much power as possible which is to do everything at maximum speed. If you select exercises that it is possible to perform explosively then you will also be training at peak power.
None of this is a replacement for heavy power training but you could do worse then to give this little circuit a try.

Have fun,
Dave Carter.


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