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Bish and Gaz take on the Zeus Gym Novice Strongman competition!

Not a week after the epic BodyPower outing, Bish and I headed down to the Zeus Gym Novice Strongman competition held in Sussex. A hell of drive, but once again Dave himself stepped up and got us there in record time. We headed off at an even more ungodly hour than we did for bodypower – by 6:00 am we were already on the motorway! Horrifying.

Once we got there we were given a brief tour of the gym and surrounding area, snapped some quick photos in our brand-spanking new t-shirts, then got a bit of food in before the comp started. I think you’ll agree that the t-shirts are pretty spiffing:

The event was incredibly well organised, in total there were two classes (essentially two separate competitions) running at the same time – the Novice (us), and the Open (huge bastards) – each with the same five events, albeit with different weights and judges. In the novice class there were 17 competitors and in the opens there was about 8 or 9. Still, even with that much going on the competition started at 11:00 and finished at 16:30 including a half hour lunch break and the awards at the end. Seriously had their act together and as competitors we really couldn’t have asked for any more.

The Lineup

Once we got started, everybody was given a brief rundown of the events and specific rules. All events were timed to a minute.

1. Log Clean and Press 80kg – From floor to lockout every rep, wait for judges signal when locked out overhead before lowering the log. Most reps wins.

2. Farmer’s Walk 85kg per hand – Two lengths of the 25mtr run (50mtr total), back of the apparatus must cross the line at each end. Fastest time wins.

3. Deadlit 180kg – From floor to locked out hips each rep, no bouncing off the floor between reps, wait for judges signal before lowering the bar. Most reps wins.

4. Conan’s Wheel 220kg – Carry the bar in the crook of your elbows for as many revolutions as possible. Once you drop it, game over.

5. Loading Medley – Load three barrels (60kg, 60kg, 67kg) and two stones (105kg, 120kg) onto their platforms in the quickest time possible.

So without further ado, i present the videos! Special thanks to Kate for coming along to support us and operate the camera!

Log Clean + Press:

Farmer’s Walks:


Conan’s Wheel:

Loading Medley:


I suffered a bit of an injury in the last event, trapping my hand between the first barrel and the platform – ouch! If you listen closely you can hear a few “oooooh” noises from the crowd, haha! I’m glad to say it wasn’t broken, but i did pop a vein in the back of my hand. Has been a week and the bruising and swelling has only just gone away!

All in all it was a great first competition for both of us. I ended up with 12th place, and Bish got 10th. I think we both learned a lot about what we need to work on for future competitions and it was a great experience all round. We left sussex battered and broken, but all the better for it!

Very happy, and thanks to everybody who wished us well in the days leading up to it, your support was greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys!


  • gyms near me on June 11, 2011

    Looks great – nothing beats a competition! Hope your hand has completely recovered now!

  • Daves Gym on June 12, 2011

    Totally agree. Competitions bring out the best in you!

    And thanks for asking, hand is basically back to normal now. Little bit of fluid retention but that’ll go in another week or so!

    A whole bunch of us have signed up to another competition in july – watch this space for more info!


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