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Return to the Temple!

Every couple of months I travel to Birmingham to visit some old friends and family. Whilst in the UK’s second city I always like to take a trip to the home of Blood and Guts, The Temple Gym!

The Temple is owned by 6 time Mr Olympia, Dorian Yates. Yates is responsible for the shift in aesthetics towards mass in the early nineties. He was famed thick brutal mass and rock hard conditioning.
Here he is in his prime.
The Temple is legendary, it is truly a no frills bodybuilders gym. Situated a basement of Temple street in Birmingham centre its a real spit and sawdust experience. The entrance opens out on to a back alley littered with bins and rubbish from surrounding businesses.
As you enter the gym the walls are covered in Mr Olympia medals and trophies.
This really sets the tone, you know your in a serious gym.
If you have seen Dorian Yates training video Blood and Guts you will know that the Temple is a no frills gym. Paint is coming of the walls, the mirrors are covered in cracks and the toilets were no better than that of a festival.
If I’m honest the gym was a complete mess and gym members had no respect for any of the kit, throwing weights on floor after a set and leaving benches out. Its a shame because their was some great bits of equipment to play on, a little clean and tidy would make the experience a lot more enjoyable, but this is Blood and Guts.
40 year old nautilus lat pullover machine.
Old school calve raise machine.
The gym is adorned with tons of bodybuilding memorabilia including signed photos of muscle legends, and endless muscle mag covers of Dorian. The best thing I found was this life size cardboard cut out next the squat rack!
As a travelling gym enthusiast I enjoyed training in the shadow of past Olympia champions. Its quite a humbling place to train despite the dirt and grime. I would not train their on a regular basis but if your in Birmingham its worth checking out a little piece of bodybuilding history.
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