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The Landmine – Time to Explode!

The last few articles on the blog have dealt with some of the new pieces of equipment here at Dave’s Gym, and following that theme this one is about The Landmine! The landmine is fixed to the floor and has two bar sleeves which can rotate freely, giving you the freedom of 360 degrees unlike most conventional machines while retaining some manner of stability by being anchored down.

It’s a great tool for doing explosive exercises in a slightly safer way than just using a regular fixed bar, and opens up a whole new set of possibilities in terms of exercise selection. We’re gonna go through a few of them here to give you some ideas on how to get the most out of this great new gym toy!

Landmine Circuit

This circuit consists of thrusters (squat + press), alternating shoulder press, and two armed shoulder press. The focus should be on volume and minimal rest between circuits, and will build up great shoulder endurance and general fitness.

If you’d prefer to do these exercises separately or just pick one to do in your current routine you can treat them just like any other exercise and get great results! I love doing single armed press with the landmine and really focusing on a complete range of motion – the movement feels very comfortable because of the path of the bar.

Core Superset

This is a great pairing of two core exercises you can do with the landmine, and will work your rotational power and agility a little bit too. Again, if you want to do these exercises separately in your own program go for it! These exercises are great to do with high reps!

Twist Press

This is a fantastic exercise and can pretty much only be done on the landmine correctly. Deadlift the bar off the floor, twist your body around and power the bar up and through into a shoulder press. Don’t slouch in terms of speed on he way down either, these reps should be performed rapidly (though obviously with good technique) to get the most out of them. Switch sides every set to work everything evenly. This exercise is a really fun way to train full body explosive power in a safe way.

If you fancy maximum landmine goodness combine all of these exercises in a single session or circuit and beast yourself. Start with just the bar weight then gradually add weight to gauge your ability, especially if you’ve never used the landmine before.

Have fun, and train hard!


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