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Training your "mental game" (Article Spotlight)

Any athlete will tell you that getting your head right on the day of the competition is just as important as all the months of training that led up to that moment. If your mind isn’t switched on and ready to go then your body might as well be a deconditioned mess because it’s not going to matter.

Even though most people in gyms these days aren’t elite athletes in competition training to get better focus, determination, and mental toughness is a huge asset in achieving your fitness and physique goals. It’s hard to bust your ass in the gym, often times you might slack and just “have an easy one” because at the end of the day nobody likes to be a sweating aching heap on the floor gasping for air as your muscles feel like they’re filled with battery acid.

Wow, if you weren’t demotivated to train before that, you probably are now! The fact of the matter is, though, is that nothing worth having comes easily. I’ll shut up and get on with it. Just read a great article on EliteFTS about this very subject so go take a look:

The Psychology of Strength @ EliteFTS

Hope you enjoy it!


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