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Wales Strongest Man 2011.

Me taking up my standard strongman, post event position

This is the comp that started it all off. After failing to watch it last year but hearing great things about it i decided i wanted a go. Everyone watches strongman on the tv and finding out that there was a local competition meant i could finally focus my training to something after 2 years of just ‘getting massive’ for the sake of it.

This isn’t my first comp this season.  I was supposed to do the Welsh Novice comp earlier this year and that was meant to my first step into strongman.  However, due to some peer pressure from the boys on Sugdenbarbell.co.uk i did a series of opens instead and i walked into this comp having just won the Southern Natural Qualifier (i promise i will but the blog post for this up as well!).

Anyway onto the comp.

Wales Strongest Man 2011

The competitors in the competitors tent. Major fail as there were 10 of us with an average body weight of about 22 stone.

Blazing sunshine. The bane of my life. It was hot, there was no shade, i couldnt eat and i could barely drink due to the adrenaline so although it wasnt raining they were the toughest conditions i’d competed in. There were 10 competitor including a previous winner and most of the guys had done the Welsh in previous years. However, i knew 90% of the competitors as i’d either trained or competed with them before so it was good banter from the start.

The first event was an 18inch silver dollar deadlift. Long story short, i came last. I expected to come last. It was a round robin set up with everyone lifting a set weight then the weight increasing and ppl dropped out as they failed. I failed on 320kg which was the 3nd lift. The next guy who failed got to 360kg and the winners got to 410kg.  So far the comp was going as planned… as in there was nothing i could do about it. I was a long way off everyone else. The only plus point was the fact that i’d only done 3 reps so far whereas some of the other guys had done over 10 reps so i was fresh to say the least.

Silver dollar deadlift. Each box was 120kg. I was lifting 300kg at this point and it was my last lift. I hate deadlifting.

1st Ross Stone & Martin Jones – 410kg
3rd Euros Garmonn – 400kg –
4th Si Johnston – 380kg
5th Kelvin Gardner – 370kg
6th Rich Smith, Rob Bush & Jamie Redwood – 360kg
9th Anthony Griffiths 350kg
10th Emil Hodzovic – 300kg

This was a good event for me and i was first out having epically failed the previous one. I had a good time and my technique was decent. In training we had had a lot more difficulty with this event but today due to the heat or the adrenaline the sled seemed to fly. So much so that some of the competitors over pulled and took a long time resetting. I won this event. BOOM! I was about mid table at this point due to my glorious deadliftting 😐
The arm over arm. The terminator glasses are on. You can see the keg in the bottom left. Thats the sled.

1st Emil Hodzovic – 14.14 secs
2nd Rich Smith – 16.37 secs
3rd Kelvin Gardner – 16.64 secs
4th Jamie Redwood – 17.07 secs
5th Si Johnston – 17.76 secs
6th Euros Garmonn – 19.32 secs
7th Martin Jones – 20.14 secs
8th Anthony Griffiths – 23.53 secs
9th Ross Stone – 24.20 secs
10th Rob Bush – 30.09 secs

Now, i discovered this was a good event for me at the body expo. It was basically a row of 5 implements: 100kg steel block, 110kg keg, 120kg axle, 140kg log and 78kg circus dumbbell. They each had to be lifted overhead in turn in the fastest possible time. As i said, i love this event and i did well again winning this event.

100kg steel block. I’m just about to drop it.

Keg. Terminator glasses. Boom.
Log. 140kg. Winded myself with this and had to lie down for a bit afterwards.
The bright pink dumbbell of doom! 78kg. No joking around 🙂

1st Emil Hodzovic – 33.89 secs (all 5 lifts)
2nd Rich Smith – 37.00 secs (all 5 lifts)
3rd Rob Bush – 38.67 secs (all 5 lifts)
4th Ross Stone – 45.82 secs (all 5 lifts)
5th Martin Jones – 27.00 secs (4 lifts)
6th Jamie Redwood – 32.68 secs (3 lifts)
7th Anthony Griffiths – 21.00 secs (2 lifts)
8th Si Johnston – 16.00 secs (1 lift)
9th Euros Garmonn – 30.00 secs (1 lift)
10th Kelvin Gardner – —— (0 lift)

This is a good event for me! I had run a 310kg yoke 20m in 9 seconds just the week before. The yoke on the day was 350kg so only slightly more. I was paired with Rich Smith as we were first and 2nd at this point. I’ll start by saying that he went on to win this event in a blazing time of 11seconds. Unfortunately, while you are under the yoke it feels like you are in Bullet time and i was going slo mo. I saw him blaze ahead and i tired to step on the gas as well. Unfortunately i dropped it. This wasn’t the worst part of the this event. I picked it up and raced forward again, getting a really good speed up i lunged for the line and was short. This wasn’t the worst part of this event. I then picked it up again and tried to poke it over the line. With a sigh of relief i got out from under it only to realise that the last corner was still behind the line. So i dragged the yoke the last 5cm over the line and the time stopped. What. A. Disaster. As you will see in the final scorings, it was so so close that any points gained here would have changed the placings drastically but i really can’t complain and i just need to learn for next time that i need to play my own game and not go chasing after people who are faster on the yoke then me. 
Yoke. Not much to say. Just glad there were no photos of me dropping it!
So close, yet so far away. The other guy had finished, watched me, got bored, had a nap and cup of tea before i crossed the line.

1st Rich Smith – 11.80 secs
2nd Martin Jones – 13.02 secs
3rd Ross Stone – 15.89 secs
4th Jamie Redwood – 16.56 secs
5th Si Johnston – 19.68 secs
6th Euros Garmonn – 20.82 secs
7th Rob Bush – 22.31 secs (retired after this event through injury)
8th Kelvin Gardner – 25.93 secs
9th Emil Hodzovic – 33.46 secs
10th Anthony Griffiths – 13.7m (retired after this event through injury)

At this point i was ready to quit. I was so gutted and so drained and so dehydrated i wanted to just curl up into a ball and go to sleep. Luckily as i’d done so badly in the previous event i was first out here so i got to get it over with and i got a good time. 

The medley consisted of 140kg farmers walk (each arm) for 15m, then run back to pick up a 110kg keg to carry for 15m then run back to get a 65kg keg to carry 15m. I’m not bad at medleys. I’m a bit lazy running back to the next implement and i’m not very good at picking things up from the floor but overall i’m quite nippy. I came 3rd overall in this event which i was pleased with. Martin won this event with a blistering performance you literally couldnt tell which keg he was carrying as he moved so quickly with both of them.
Farmers walk in the background.
Heavy keg. Leisurely stroll.

1st Martin Jones – 28.62 secs
2nd Si Johnston – 33.01 secs
3rd Emil Hodzovic – 33.72 secs
4th Euros Garmonn – 34.70 secs
5th Rich Smith – 35.04 secs
6th Ross Stone – 35.70 secs
7th Jamie Redwood – 41.02 secs
8th Kelvin Gardner – 49.75 secs

The points going into this event were close. I was joint 4th with Si Johnstone and we were half a point behind 3rd place. 1st and 2nd were 8 points ahead. I knew Si was probably the best stonelifter there as i’ve trained with him up in Rhyl but i fancied myself on the stones as well and this is a good event for me. 5 stones weighing 115kg, 135kg, 155kg, 175kg and 200kg all had to be lifted onto Oil drums which were just above waist height. None of us managed to get the 200kg stone but i managed to get it onto my lap. The next step would have required explosive power but i was so drained i could summon the strength. I won this event by a third of a second to Si. This pipped me into 3rd place. It was THAT close.
My shirt protesting. It got ripped to pieces by the stone.
Thats the 200kg stone and thats the highest it got in this comp. I had no explosion left in me.

1st Emil Hodzovic – 16.06 secs (4 stones)
2nd Si Johnston – 16.34 secs (4 stones)
3rd Jamie Redwood – 18.00 secs (4 stones)
4th Kelvin Gardner – 25.07 secs (4 stones)
5th Rich Smith – 26.92 secs (4 stones)
6th Euros Garmonn – 11.53 secs (3 stones)
7th Ross Stone – 14.90 secs (3 stones)
8th Martin Jones – 20.45 secs (3 stones)


Rich Smith got a well deserved win. Martin came 2nd after performing consistently well over the whole comp and i had just managed to nip into 3rd place but you can see how close everything was!

1st Rich Smith – 44pts
2nd Martin Jones – 41.5pts
3rd Emil Hodzovic – 41pts
4th Si Johnston – 40pts
5th Ross Stone – 35.5pts
6th Jamie Redwood – 35pts
7th Euros Garmonn – 32pts
8th Kelvin Gardner – 27pts
9th Rob Bush – 17pts
10th Anthony Griffiths – 10pts

From left: Josh (helped out from Daves Gym), Martin, Rich, Me (Richie who organised is crouching), Si, Rob, Euros, Kelvin, Zig (crouching –  helped out), Anthony, Jamie, Simon (refereed).

I could complain for hours over how if i’d learnt how to deadlift or i hadn’t tossed up the yoke so epically i could have improved my placing. However as you can see, all the other events were so close that a slight bit of bad luck in the other direction could have lost me placings as well. Overall, i was extremely chuffed with my placing and it was a most excellent day out. Thanks to Rob and Richie who organized the event and whoever sorted the music, it was awesome (metallica blazing cranked up especially during the stones!).

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