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And, after a brief hiatus, back to destroying Dave’s gut.

And so it came to pass that after 2 weeks of following a new exercise and diet plan I promptly went on holiday for a fortnight. This is completely typical of me, but all is not lost my little blogranauts for I walked the line straight and true. It is quite usual for anyone going on holiday to return fatter, peeling, less fit and in need of a liver transplant. I swore on the Throne of Crom that this would not be me and I took drastic measures to ensure this would be the case.

 First off I went to Tenby in west Wales – so no chance of sunburn there then. In fact I think it only didn’t rain on 1 day. This doesn’t matter, as Ranulf Fiennes once said, “There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.” This, coupled with the fact that my darling wife is a red-head with marginally less tolerance to the sun then your average vampire, meant that Barbados was never going to be an option.

 Secondly, we planned to continue eating according to the plan and getting some regular exercise in. As long as I maintained weight I would be a happy little camper.

By and large we did pretty well, with only a few minor glitches in the shape of ice creams and glasses of wine. I managed to get a few workouts done at the little gym that was at the campsite and we did walk miles and miles most days.

So, what is the damage?

Weight – 18 stone 4 pounds!!! Great Scott! That’s a loss of 1 stone and 3 pounds, which in 2 weeks is incredible. Especially as I have definitely not been dieting, just trying to ensure that I hit all my macro-nutrient requirements each day.

Physical condition – providing that the lighting is complimentary and you squint a little bit you can almost make out some shapes beginning to protrude through the pallid, hairy flesh – like icebergs looming out of the fog on a becalmed sea. There is a hint of vein emerging from the shoulders and arms and a suggestion that, somewhere deep below, there may lurk an ab. None of it great or pretty, but a definite improvement.

Training – Run berserk, spread fear and pain. With my diet now firmly in place the time has now come to start intensifying my training sessions. I need to be careful here as I don’t want to sacrifice any of my precious muscle. The plan is to use supersets a lot. A superset, for those that don’t already know, is where you perform 2 differant exercises, one after another, with little or no rest. I find they’re a great way to get a lot of extra volume into your workouts and they help keep your heart rate up nice and high.

You can use supersets in anyway you want – doing a set of press ups, abs, squat jumps or whatever after each set of weights is a great way to get more work done in the same amount of time. What I’m going to do is perform mine antagonisicly, which means using opposite movement patterns. Allow me to explain:

Push press supersetted with lat pulldowns – I did 3 explosive reps on the push press and 20 reps on the pulldowns. On each set I added weight to the push press until I maxed out.

Incline bench press supersetted with low cable rows – same deal as above.

Bench press supersetted with seated rows – same same.

I worked pretty fast and only rested when I needed to.

Dat’s all folks,
Dave carter.

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