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Destroy Dave’s gut. First day at war.

Alright all you Bootnecks, Earthdogs, Rivitheads and Scum-queens war has been declared and there will be no prisoners taken, no quarter given and no mercy spared. There will be pain. Lots of pain. A cathedral of pain. New terrors will stalk the Earth. Up will become down. The sheep shall lie down with the wolf. Hell storms will crash over the land. A new force will rise from the ashes. It will be buff and tough and corded with muscle and it shall be me.

Fortunately, between then and now there lies a sizable gulf of time to get your affairs in order. But the End of Days is nigh. The rough beast shambles towards Bethlehem and today he trained chest and back.

I shall endeavour to log my training, diet, weight and general physical condition as I crawl inexorably towards buffdom.

Weight – 19 stone 7lbs. A large land based mammal. It’s worth pointing out that I don’t give a toss as to what my weight is. It’s composition I’m more interested in. Still, I fully expect that weight to come down. For the point of consistency I’ll be weighing myself every Monday morning, after toilet, before breakfast, in the nude. Quite an image. One for the ladies.

Physical condition – piss poor frankly. When my body fat starts to drop you can start to see a few veins in my shoulders and arms and the vague suggestion of ablets. This morning nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Ah well.

Diet – this was my first proper day of my new diet plan which I outlined here. Last week I was eating the right stuff but without any weighing or measuring. Doing this is genuinely not a hassle. You have to prepare your food and stick it on a plate anyway so why not stick that plate on a set of scales and jot down the amounts of everything as you go. Here is what I ate:

Breakfast – Pork steak/Tomatoes/Avocados/Salad stuff/Avocado oil

Lunch – Prawns/Salad stuff

Dinner – Flank steak/red cabbage, carrot, sultana, onion coleslaw made with Greek yog

Snacks – Pork steak/Avocado/Tomatoes/Greek yog/Sunflower seeds/Blueberries

All of which gave me; 2500 calories (not enough), 123g fat (a little on the high side but close enough), 57g carbs (nowhere near enough), 179g protein (also not enough).
Although I felt as if I had eaten a lot of food by entering all the weights and measures into mynetdiary it is easy to see that I need to tweak my eating plan, which is easy enough to do.

Training – I’m basically doing a bodybuilding style split at the moment which is good for burning a ton of calories and giving the muscles a lot of volume to have to deal with. As my condition improves I will gradually scale up the intensity and add some strength training into the mix.

Bench press supersetted with chin ups – 8 sets of 10-15 reps.
Dumbbell bench press supersetted with lat pulldown – 5 sets of 10-15 reps.
Press ups supersetted with inverse chins – 4 sets of 15-20 reps.

A nice fast workout that gave me a good pump but, if I’m to be honest, wasn’t hard enough.

Dat’s all folks,
Love and buttercups,
Dave Carter.

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