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Kenneth Mudoola Welsh BNBF Champion

I love bodybuilding shows, especially when your friend is competing in the best shape of his life. I can’t actual believe its been a year since Kenneth stepped onstage for the first time and blew away the competition winning the 2010 Welsh novice title. The improvements to his physique, condition and presentation in one year are phenomenal.

For those who are not familiar with the format of a bodybuilding competition here is how it works.
1. Competitors arrive just before midday, they register are weighed and put in their relevant weight classes. These include, Teens, Junior (under 23), Novice, Light weight, Middle weight, Heavy weight, Masters over 40, Masters over 50, Miss Figure and miss physique.
2. Pre judging. In the after noon all competitors are judged in their relevant classes, they must be compared in various poses to access the entire body. These include, front double biceps, side triceps, side chest, abdominal and thigh, back double biceps. Lats from the rear and lats from the front and most muscular.
During this period judges will call out competitors to stand next to each other for direct comparison.
3. The evening show. Having made most of the judging decisions earlier on in the day the evening show focuses more on entertainment. Competitors individually pose to 60 seconds of music then pose down together for the crowd.
4. A winner is picked
5. Over all title. The winners from all the classes are compared then pose down for the over all Welsh title.
So a strong team of support left Cardiff at 11.30am to watch the prejudging in the Doleman Theatre in Newport. We took a couple of 10 kg dumbbells to help Kenny pump up and hit the road.
We arrived to find a room full of fake tan, rice cakes and muscle. Kenneth was keeping his cool, headphones, in sunglasses on , hoodie up. Body building is a massive mind game, keeping focused is vital, with a novice title and a UK 4th place under his belt Ken was well prepared for the days events.
With Ken getting pumped up back stage the army of support from Dave’s gym took their seats and enjoyed the midday pre judging. All the classes looked good, after some early nerves were shaken off when the competitors hit harder poses. They flexed well and the crowd duly responded with shouts of “legs”, “open up’ and the mandatory blast from an air horn.
Middle weight
Miss figure
Masters over 50
As Ken was in the heavy weight class his was the last category to come on stage, by this time the audience were hyped up to see the biggest guys hit some big shots.
The second Ken walked on stage I thought he had won. His size, symmetry and conditioning outclassed everyone on stage. As they went through the compulsory poses it was clear that Ken was ahead of the pack.
After the pre judging we all met up with Ken to give him feed back and moral support. He looked happy and was pleased with his presentation.
The evening show.
It had been a long day for the competitors due to the waiting around for pre judging and holding their condition throughout a really hot day. So the evening show is a time for everyone to have a bit of fun, play some music and most importantly, POSEDOWN!
Each class was highly entertaining, Ken really came in to his own during the pose down, hitting some big shots and engaging the crowd by showing off his condition and generally making the other guys look small!
After the excitement of the pose down the judges decisions had been made and it was time for the results. Dave Carter owner of this very gym had sponsored the heavy weight class and made a special guest appearance on stage presenting the awards and showing off his best pose. With the 2nd and 3rd place awards received it was pretty clear Ken was the winner, when the announcement made we all went nuts. Dave handed Ken the trophy and he posed for one last time for the photographers, a job well done
The overall champ?
Once all the trophies had been awarded and the crowd had cheered and shouted like maniacs, there was one last title up for grabs. All the winners of the classes were invited out on to the stage to competed for the overall Welsh title. After a long day of posing and holding their condition, the competitors had the gruelling task of all going through all the mandatory poses again and doing routine call outs. Everyone looked tired and Ken posed hard.
With all posing completed it was time to announce the winner. I was pretty nervous at this point, I knew Kenny had the best body up their, but sometimes smaller guys can take a title and you never know what the exactly the judges are looking for. The announcer took his time with the result holding back every syllable. When we heard Ken’s name we went berserk. To go from novice champ to heavy weight champ in one year is a big achievement, but to get the overall Welsh title is really a fantastic bench mark.
Championship goodies!

After the celebrations we all got together for a group photo out side the theatre, tops off flexing hard!
It had been a long day and was nice go over the days events and celebrate with some pizza some where in Newport ( we got lost ) , a real treat for Ken who had not seen a carbohydrate in 12 weeks. I have never seen a man so happy in pizza hut.

Celebratory chinese lanterns.
Another great result for Kenneth, we are all very proud of you here at Dave’s Gym well done mate, bring on the UK Finals!
  • thefitwriter on July 5, 2011

    Great write up, I won Physique (as the last class of the day we had an even longer wait!) and I also got to share the stage at the end of the night with Kenny for our final photos. We chatted backstage and I thought he was a really lovely guy. Congrats Kenneth and see you in Glasgow! Nic

  • Anonymous on July 6, 2011

    Hey Nic, hi, congs on your win.. and your first show as well.. big congs. hope you are ok. Lovely meeting and def yeaahh see you in glasgow… Ken

  • Anonymous on July 6, 2011

    Good feature clugmania…look out for my updates as i prepare for the British Finals. Ken.

  • Anonymous on July 15, 2011

    Kenny, well done bruv!!!! we are so proud of you…. We wish you the best fot the UK Finals. We are all set to join you in Glasgow.


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