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Tire Flipping 101 (Article Spotlight)

I’m on a bit of an EliteFTS spree this week but the site is just packed full of information. It’s almost as good as the Dave’s Gym Blog (hahaha!).

Anyway, this one contains a great program for getting better at Tire Flips – a classic and hugely popular strongman event. The tire we have at Dave’s is relatively light for a tire, weighing in at approximately 160kg or thereabouts. It honestly can’t weigh more than 200kg. A typical entry level strongman tire is about 250-300kg!

Flips are a great exercise to train the back and posterior chain, as well as improving your fitness and explosive power so getting better at them is a really smart idea. The program in the below article is a fullbody training plan geared towards getting better at flips, but is a solid strength building routine in it’s own right.

Tire Flipping 101 @ EliteFTS.com

Go check it out!


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