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Daily Archives: September 3, 2013

Less is more.

Sometimes having too much choice is a bad thing. I’m often bewildered to to point of drooling when faced with a Starbucks menu board. Surely it’s all just coffee? Do you actually need all the possible permutations that you’re presented with? Or is it a marketing ploy that allows you to feel good about yourself […]

Novice Strongman Training

Now i’m no world’s strongest man (hah). I’ve done two novice competitions, came 12th place out of 17 in the first and 4th out of 5 in the second. I’m not an expert and i’m not trying to present myself as any kind of authority on strongman training. What I am, though, is somebody who’s […]

Hench Celebs No 3 Melle Mel

Its that time agin, time to reveal another hench celeb and this time its another rapper, leader of the Furious five Grand Master Melle Mel! For some reason rappers are always in good shape, but who cares they make for great hench celebs! As with Dr Dre, Melle Mel is a pioneer in his own […]