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Belly bashing – the rest of the week.

What a week. I’ve had a great week’s worth of training and the latter part of it has been spot on diet wise. Providing I’m good over the weekend I should get a good weighing-in result come Monday. So far my strength hasn’t suffered from my weight loss, although it is unfortunately inevitable that it will. There is a powerful link between strength and body weight.

Just for shits and giggles I thought I would share with you some of the epic tunes that have been helping me get through the week’s massive beastings. But first the workouts themselves:

I did Matt Strong’s E.D.T session of death and destruction on Wednesday and it proved to be as unpleasant in reality as it seemed on paper. For those that care about these things this, and the first part of the week’s training, can be found here.

Thursday – This week has been ‘team-up with random people week’. Today my workout happened to coincide with James Godfrey, who is one of the gym’s long term members. James is a tank of a man and pretty strong to boot. He felt like training some chest and I couldn’t find a way to say no. As is often the way of these things we began with the ubiquitous bench press. Over several sets we worked up to 130kg and then dropped down to 100kg for a burn out set of 20 reps (with quite a bit of help from James). I then introduced him to one of my all time best exercises; the floor press. For anyone out there who is not familiar with this little beauty, or regards it as nothing more then a bastardised version of a close grip bench press, let me tell you that nothing – absolutely nothing – smashes my chest like it.

To perform it simply lie on the floor and do bench press with a medium to narrow grip. Don’t let your triceps quite hit the floor but do pause in the bottom position for a 1,2,3 count before blasting the bar back up. The range of movement is, as you would expect, much shorter than a normal bench press and you would assume that it would mainly target the triceps. I know I did. There is no doubting it’s effectiveness as a tricep strengthener and developer, and it will work wonders for your lock-out, but where I and James felt it was deep, deep into the pec itself. An absolutely awesome pump and burn.

In between both the bench press and the floor press I did high rep (15-20) sets of various pulldown and rowing movements.

Friday – As part of ‘team-up and train with someone younger, fitter and better than you week’ I had a crushing and pulverising session with my mate Ryan, who’s a former Royal Marine – like myself. No prisoners were taken, the Geneva Convention was ignored, there were several bloody engagements and some decidely unfriendly fire. Ryan looks like a shaved Grizzly Bear and weighs about 21 stone on a 5′ 11″ frame. He’s huge, and as strong as a charging rhino. We decided that our arms had been bad and needed to be punished. It was time for the waterboarding and the electric nipple-clamps.

To get the ball rolling we did 5 sets of dips to failure and then moved to close grip bench press. We only had 60kg on but tried to get 5 sets of 20 done. This proved to be impossible for either of us so we just tried to out do each other with grunts and gurns. Still ,5 sets of CGBP to failure on about a minutes rest has a way of fatiguing the triceps a tad. Which made the skullcrusher and dumbbell pullover superset all the more interesting. Again 5 sets in quick succession were done with the reps on the pullovers going from 10 on the first set to 30 on the last. Revolting.

Just to make sure that I wouldn’t be brushing my own teeth for the next 3 days we then finished off the triceps with a 50 rep drop set on pushdowns immediately followed by 50, somewhat spasm-like, reps on some elastic band pushdowns.

All this carnage only took about 30 mins, so we did some biceps – just because.

5 sets of close grip lat pulldowns were followed by the ugliest barbell curls ever performed and topped off with some slightly prettier cable rope curls.

We both felt sick and on the point of tears (well, I did), so thought that this was an excellent time to call a halt to the proceedings before someone got badly hurt.

And now some sweet music to sooth the soul and stir the senses.

Fugazi – Waiting room

You would be forgiven in believing that a band that combined the political awareness of Nelson Mandela with the integrity of Gandhi and wrapped the whole package up with a straight-edge/zero alcohol/no moshing/anti-promiscuity approach to life would be a little lacking in joy. I can’t listen to this song without a big silly grin on my face. So although it might well be about grim and serious things it makes me want to cuddle puppies and smell flowers.

Fugazi – Epic problem

Yep, a bit more Fugazi. Never a bad thing in my opinion. I was quite into this band back in the day but many house moves and personal changes meant that I lost or misplaced a lot of my old CDs. Besides, who has the time to listen to CDs anymore? At the gym I use Spotify to play music and I think it’s brilliant. My only issue with it is that it often doesn’t have some of the more obscure bands on it. Fortunately I noticed the other day that the entire Fugazi back catalogue has been added which has meant that everyone has been squatting to this epic song of epic epicness. The whole damn song is genius but, for me, from 2 mins onwards it becomes Godlike in it’s complete, gushing magnificence. All hail.

Spiderbait – Fucking awesome

Now, for those that know me know that my musical tastes vear towards the metallic end of the musical spectrum. I will, however, let you in with a little secret – I love a good pop hook. You know that tiny, little fragment of a song that buries itself deep into your subconsciousness and refuses to be evicted, the musical equivalent of squatters. I don’t pretend to know much about Spiderbait but there Greatest hits album is in my top 5 guilty pleasures.

Testament – Ride the snake

Pure, unadulterated, concentrated, undiluted metal. Complex but brutal. Testament have been around since the dawn of thrash but, unlike other thrash band I could mention, never wavered and never sold out. Metal with balls.

Opeth – Windowpane

Opeth do Black metal that can, at times, sound like “WWWHHHOOORRRGGGHHH!!!” but then can also sound like this blissed out track of mellow loveliness. I haven’t been training to this, I don’t think you could unless you did yoga. I just like it.

AC/DC – Let me put my love into you

Let me put my love into you, let me cut your cake with my knife.
And they say romance is dead. Beautiful, just beautiful. I have nothing left to say.

That’s all for now my little ones.
Peace and joss sticks,
Dave Carter.

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