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Hench Celebs No 3 Melle Mel

Its that time agin, time to reveal another hench celeb and this time its another rapper, leader of the Furious five Grand Master Melle Mel! For some reason rappers are always in good shape, but who cares they make for great hench celebs!

As with Dr Dre, Melle Mel is a pioneer in his own right. Most famous for his early rap records in the late 70’s early 80’s Melle Mel is an old school legend. His biggest tune was the message. This is often credited as being the first hip hop record a political theme. In the message he raps about the social struggles of live in the New York slums, something that had not been heard before in hip hop.

He also went on to record the equally famous anti drug track ‘White Lines’ to critical accalim. At the time it was a refreshing alternative to the glitz and glamour prevalent in the disco scene.
Melle Mel with Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
So on to the man and his muscles.
Like most of us Melle Mel started out as a slender young chap. For the first part of his recording career he did not look as though he had hit the gym. During the mid to late 90’s his physique noticeably started to change. At hip hop award ceremonies he would be seen rocking a string vest and his gun show was prominent.
With his music career slowing down Mel, has made moves in the fitness industry. In Muscle and fitness magazine he was quoted saying
” Kids in america are fat and lazy always looking for the next Big Mac. If I can help them move towards a healthier lifestyle thats what I’m gonna do’
He has a series of training videos on you tube.

He has his own fitness show on a US Cable network, teaching fitness and nutrition, in 2006 Melle Mel attended professional wrestling school. In 2007 stated in an interview with allhiphop.com that “I’m going to try to take some of John Cena’s money and get with WWE and do my thing”.

In April 2011, it was revealed that he would take part in a new Hiphop/Pro Wrestling collaboration, the Urban Wrestling Federation. with taping of the first bout “First Blood” taking place in June 2011.

A hip hop pioneer and a big unit of a man, Melle Mel Dave’s gym salutes you!
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