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Slay the belly of the beast.

And so yet another week slips through our fingers like grains of sand on a beach held too tightly. Last week was epic in it’s training and a little bit “meh” with it’s diet. Nothing disastrous, I just wasn’t organised enough in planning my meals each day. This meant that, on numerous occasions, I was staring blankly into an opened fridge trying desperately to come up with a healthy, nutritious meal using half a limp lettuce, some very old mayonnaise and a jar of pesto. If I’d got my shit together enough to at least defrosted some chicken then none of this would have been an issue. When you are dieting planning and preparation is everything.

That said, it has not been a total debacle – not by a long shot.

Weight – 18 stone and 1 pound. That’s down 3 pounds, which is great. If I’m good for the rest of the week I should be able to get that down to under 18 stone for the first time this year.

Physical condition – I’m still a long way from being ripped in anyway shape or form. However, more shapes are lurking beneath the surface. My abs are still non-existent but I have gone down a notch on my belt, so things are moving in the right direction.

Diet – alrightish. I’m eating the right stuff and in the right amounts – which is good. But I’m not planning my meals very well which means that meals are getting thrown together like an episode of Ready, Steady, Cook for the carb intolerant – which is bad.

Training – I’ve only done 2 sessions so far but they have been good ones. Later on today I’ve got another E.D.T session that was dreamt up by Matt Strong and promises to be vile. This is what I’ve done so far:

Monday Bench press supersetted with Lat pulldowns. I did about 1000 sets of this as I wanted to slowly build up to my 3 rep max on the bench press. I kept the reps at 3 even on the light sets and when I peaked at 140kg for 3 reps (which I was quite pleased with) I added bands to do reverse band bench press and kept going up to 180kg. On the pulldowns I did 10-15 reps and kept the weight light enough to feel the muscles working.

Tuesday – I teamed up with Tom Clugston and obliterated our legs. Leg extensions supersetted with leg curls – 5 sets of  20 reps. Leg press supersetted with walking lunges – 5 sets of 20 reps. Front squats supersetted with romanians – 5 sets of 10 reps. Leg carnage!

Wednesday – which happens to be today. This is Matt’s E.D.T session which nearly killed him earlier on today. As he is younger, fitter and blonder then me I fully expect this to kill me outright, so for posterity’s sake I shall record the session so all who come after me shall know how I came about my doom.
Leg press supersetted with Good mornings for as many circuits as possible in 12 minutes. Dead-stop rows supersetted with dumbbell clean and press for as many circuits as possible in 12 mins. 12 mins on random core mutilation on various exercises. Ungodly and unspeakable.

The rest of the week will follow soon.
Love and buttercups,
Dave Carter.

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