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Monthly Archives: September 2013

So . . . my legs really hurt.

How is it that my legs are so damn sore. I squat all the bloody time. Recently I’ve been doing sets of 30 with 130kg, my legs should be bullet proof. This, alas, seems not to be the case. All I did was 3 sets of squats. They were, however, heroically deep and that’s what […]

Simplify. Strip down. Streamline.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with doing less training. It’s been going pretty well and the one thing it has shown me is that you don’t need to train as often or as hard as you think you do. Remember: training makes you weaker and smaller – it’s recovery from training that makes you bigger and […]

Convensions and seminars can be fun.

We (myself and my long-suffering wifelet) spent¬†most of last week in sunny Birmingham at L.I.W, or Leisure Industry Week, which is an expo for all that is connected to the leisure industry. It’s basically a playground and one-stop supermarket for all the new gadgets and gizmos that come onto the market. Some of it is […]