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Clugston’s alternative Oympia history part 2

With the Olympia taking place this weekend I thought it would be nice to have a look at some modern bodybuilders. In recent years there have been some controversial judging decisions

Phil heath 2010

In 2010 the big battle for the O was between Cutler, Heath and Warren. Kai Greene was way off down in 6th place. For me Warren is too freaky and has too much mass for his small frame resulting in a loss of definition. So for me the battle is between Jay and Phil. Once again at the Olympia there was some questionable judging. As always Cutler was ripped to the bone but he still was very blocky and has lost the the tapered waistline that contributes to the illusion of the V shape. On the other hand Phil Heath was cut with full muscle bellies, great lines, a huge detailed back, awesome symmetry and the best guns in the business. I will agree that Jay’s leg conditioning is awesome and maybe slightly ahead of Heath, but Heaths physique is great to look at. Plus I cannot forgive Jay Cutlers blocky waist line and frankly shit hair cut!
I could not find a video of Heath from the Olympia show, so instead here os one from the Arnold classic of the same year.

Victor Martinez 2007
In 2007 it is generally thought that Victor Martinez was robbed of the Olympia title buy a softer out of condition reigning champ. Jay cutler scoped the first prize with a physique that was blocky to say the least. His conditioning was not up to the level of Victors. No lower back definition, bloated mid section and water retention made Jays win was doubtful. Martinez was 3 points ahead of Cutler after prejudging. In the commentary box Gunter Schleirkamp had Victor as his winner. In my opinion Martinez has better lines and a more classic shape. His body parts flow together and he has a more well rounded look compared to cutlers blocky appearance. In the leg department Martinez has much better hamstring and definition. The separation is clear with strong lines running up along the side of his legs. Check out the comparisons in the 2 videos below. In the third video Martinez discusses his frustrations with the Olympia judges and why he thought he won. In my book he was robbed!
Flex Wheeler 1999
Some consider Flex Wheeler to be the finest example of the male human form, despite his calve implants and synthol use. In 1999 he was the main contender for Ronnie’s Olympia title. He posed well and looked great with a smaller waist than Coleman plus great round muscle bellies. Ronnie may have beaten him on mass but Flex Wheeler brings the class. The crowd go nuts. When he was award second place to a torrent of boo’s he turned his back to the crowd to signify his disgust and the decision.
This picture really does do justice to this mans incredible physique. Its a crime that he never won a Sandow.
It is sad to hear that Flex now has a testosterone deficiency from years of steroid abuse and ironically must now take steroids agin to maintain healthy levels.
Thats all for part 2 of my alternative Olympia history. Don’t forget that if you want to watch the event this weekend go to http://www.gasparinutrition.com/, where the event is streamed live for free!
Clugston, Champion
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