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Mr Olympia 2011 Pre judging.

The prejudging for the mens Mr Olympia title was completed last night. Here is a quick review of the action focusing on the top physiques of the day.

Here we see front runners Jay Cutler and Phil Heath going head to head.
Jay is big and shredded, but as the commentator says ‘you are constantly drawn back to Phil Heath”. A great comparison, Phil Heath has really upped his game this year.
Check out Jay’s individual compulsory poses. There is no doubting he is huge.
Phil Heath prejudging, Mr Olympia 2011?
So what about the rest of the pack? As always it takes a few days for videos to be uploaded to youtube, here are the best of the rest, Kai Greene, Victor Martinez and Dennis Wolf.
So who will win? Be sure to watch the live screening on either
From around 2am GMT.
More video’s and results tomorrow!
Let battle commence!
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