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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Badass INC. #1 – Doug Young

I’m going to kick off a series of articles on the Dave’s Gym Blog dealing with people, men and women, who are just plain badass in the world of weightlifting, combat sports, fitness, baking, selling office stationary, and anything else where we see the plight of awesomeness is being upheld. This first one is about […]

Worst DOMs ever.

I don’t know whether it’s because I took a week off or because this Ladder Training is pure, concentrated evil or because I’m an old git but in the past 27 years of iron-humping¬† I don’t think I’ve been as comprehensively shattered and broken as I am right now. Every single fibre of my body […]

Squats and Drugs and Rock n’ Roll.

By the horny, scaled toenails of Beelzebub I’ve just finished a leg workout that came very close to ending me. It was insanely brutal and at one point I saw a rip in the fabric of time (Ta Davey). On paper it doesn’t seem like a particularly horrific workout and yet it is one of […]