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De-loading and a new goal!

The gym celebrated it’s 5th Birthday and my 41st recently. The plan was to get together all the staff and some members and have a few drinks in Buffalo Bar – which is a nice little place in town.

Total and complete carnage ensued resulting in me crawling back home at 530am and suffering from a two day hangover that has left me walking up to loaded barbells, shuddering, and then walking away. I have been in a venerable state all week and not the correct frame of mind to unleash hell on the gym floor.

All of which is a perfect reason to have a de-load week.

What is a de-load? 

A de-load is a planned amount of time away from the gym and all things exercise related. Although in this instance it was less planned and more forced upon me because of mild alcohol poisoning.

There are many benefits to a de-load but before I list them it’s really, really important to accept and come to terms with the fact that you will not become weaker/smaller/less fit/less buff/more fat in just 1 week.
You have probably spent years in the gym hoisting steel and pounding iron – it’s not going to go anywhere. Honest.

This is what you will get out of a de-load:

  • All those little niggles, creaks, pops and grinds that accompany you during a lifting session will, at worst, diminish and, at best, fade into a dull background of barely perceived fuzz.
  •  Your enthusiasm for training will build throughout the week until it becomes an overwhelming tsunami of gusto, vim and vigor that will sweep dumbbells and squat-racks before it like autumn leaves before a tornado.
  • It marks a convenient point in which to end one phase of  training and prepare for the next.
  • Although you won’t get weaker or generally punier during a week off you will become somewhat de-conditioned. This is a good thing. Allow me to explain.

Do you remember what it’s like coming back into the gym after a lay off? Maybe you’ve been ill or on holiday or being reamed by the man at work. Whatever the reason is you know that the first session back is going to leave you sore to the bone for the rest of the week. Your legs don’t bend, your arms don’t work. Stairs become the stuff of nightmares and even getting undressed is quite a challenge.

You have become de-conditioned. As a result of this your body, which is way smarter then you so start listening to it from time to time, goes all gonzoid in it’s approach to recovery.

Remember my little blogranauts all progress is is recovery from hard training.

So if what you do is pound your body relentlessly week in and week out your body becomes hardened and conditioned to the poundings. Your adaption to the training has flat lined. You don’t get sore after training anymore. You could train harder, change exercises, swap routines or utilise any number of other tricks of the trade. Or you could just take a week off.

I took a whole week off from training and my diet and after feeling hungover for a couple of days, and guilty for a few more, I settled nicely in to my life of unrepentfull slothfulness.

A new goal

I will be under 100kg by Christmas. (16 stone. 220lbs)

That gives me about 8 weeks to lose 10ish kilos. Easy enough with the right exercise and diet plan.

Training – For the next two weeks I’m going to be doing some mad hypertrophy training in the shape of ladder training. After that it will back on the strength. There will be epic and heroic amounts of cardio as well in the shape of running and pad work.

Diet – Protein and veg. Keep it simple.

Supplements – Protein, fish oils, ZMA and something called Z-12 which is a product by Bio-test that aids deep and restful sleep.

Today’s training –

10 min run

Bench press/ bent over row – This was done as a ladder. If you want to hurt yourself badly in a short period of time and get a killer pump then you could do worse then give these a go.

I put 60kg on a olly bar and another 60kg on a fat bar. Then do 1 rep of bench press immediately followed by 1 rep of bent over row. Go straight back to the bench press and do 2 reps and then 2 reps on the rows. Keep going adding 1 rep at a time all the way to 10 reps on each. THEN come back down again.
So it’s 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5, 6/6, 7/7, 8/8, 9/9,10/10, 9/9, 8/8, 7/7, 6/6, 5/5, 4/4, 3/3, 2/2, 1/1. In total it’s 100 reps of each exercise all done in about 15mins.
Towards the end even my teeth were sweating and I had lost the hearing in my left ear. Good.

Onwards to glory and buffdom,
Dave Carter.

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