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Kenneth at the UKBNBF Finals

Just managed to grab 5 minutes with Kenneth in his busy schedule preparing for his next show. Here is how he got on at the BNBF Finals

BNBF Britain Final – Show report.

Hello! On 18th September we assembled in Glasgow for the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation’s National final.

Right, last year when I competed in the same federation, as a novice, I remember sitting in the audience at the British final, and thinking “No way I can compete in the heavyweight category” Boy that pushed me more. Following last year I was determined to compete and appear as a completely different athlete.

I won the BNBF Welsh Overall, then appeared in the UKBFF Welsh, won that- wow- I was oozing with confidence going into the British Final, word around the competition camp, was I was the man to beat….. so fired up I was looking forward to the heavyweight final.

I still did not want the confidence take over as from experience am aware of the condition guys turn up to the British Final with. Top two was my target, as I knew, 4 of the guys in the heavyweight had won the overalls in their regions, I knew I was in for some strong competition.

Just to let you know, competitors at the British finals qualify from various regions and normally the best of the best. And that was the case. Deep down I still knew.. I was better…. oh mann the mind games you can play with your competition.

While in Glasgow, I had family and friends that made it from London and Cardiff to support….

Am so grateful of you all and those not in the photo.

Then it came to time for the Heavyweights to go on stage. People look forward to this class, to see the big guys, and believe me, it was not disappointing.

Hit all my poses as hard I could, I feel the competition, it was so close….. still believe I could have gone that extra mile…

I was gutted to come third, so weird how the mind and expectations work. A year ago, I could not see myself getting placed in this class, hear I was disappointed with 3rd place in the heavyweights….

Top three Line Up……so close.

Overall it was a good day and competition, enjoyed every minute…..

My support later went on to celebrate in Glasgow…..

It was over for me.. as my next stop is the UKBFF British Final in Nottingahm on 22-23rd October.

Going to be a whole new exciting experience for me…..

Keep you posted on my progresss.

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