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Worst DOMs ever.

I don’t know whether it’s because I took a week off or because this Ladder Training is pure, concentrated evil or because I’m an old git but in the past 27 years of iron-humping¬† I don’t think I’ve been as comprehensively shattered and broken as I am right now. Every single fibre of my body is in agony – right the way down to an atomic level. Even my electrons hurt.

My legs are nothing more then pain filled appendages.My quads are quivering lumps of granite and my hamstrings are strands of tungsten wire pulled taut to the point of rupture. However, the solid denseness of my pulverised lower body is nothing compared to the surging inferno that occupies the space where my chest and shoulders used to be.

I have been rendered a fleshy, useless rectangle of crippled torment by this new routine and I love it.

For those that have not been following my descent in madness what I’ve been doing recently is a kind of self-harm called Ladder Training. It’s really simple to do, well actually it’s completely brutal to do but it is really simple to orchestrate. All you do is pick two exercises for antagonistic body parts and do 1 rep on each. Then do 2 reps on each. Then 3 reps on each. Etc, blah, blah, blah. Take it up to 10 on each and then back down the ladder to 1 of each again.

Smash through it like an enraged rhino on crack, resting as little as possible. By the time you’ve dragged your sweating, twitching carcass across the finish line you will have done 100 reps on each exercise and lifted a serious amount of weight in a very short time.

This is what I did.

1km run.

Close grip chin ups supersetted with dips – as a ladder.

That’s all.

Peace and Love,
Dave Carter.

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