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Get ripped. Get lean. Get real.

Last weeks training went pretty well. I didn’t train as often or as hard as I would have liked but them’s the breaks. Unfortunately I’ve got a deadline looming. Christmas is not that far away and I’ve got over a stone to lose. Time is running away like wild horses over the hills and my diet has, yet again, become erratic.

My problem, and I’m sure it’s yours as well, is that I’m really busy. It’s hard to fit in regular, small, perfectly balanced meals every 2 hours. To do it correctly I need to carry around with me enough Tupperware to construct a skyscraper sized monument in celebration to the preservation of  perishable foodstuffs.

If  you want to get more shredded then Wolverine’s scratching post then you could do worse then follow this diet plan.

Upon waking – Whey protein shake and a handful of fatburners or a strong black coffee.

Steady pace cardio – sit on a bike or go for a brisk walk for 30-45 mins.

Breakfast – Egg whites, half an avocado, small amount of sweet potato.

2 hours after that – Whey protein shake.

2 hours after that – chicken breast, broccoli, salad.

2 hours after that – Whey protein shake.

2 hours after that – White fish, small amount of brown rice, broccoli.

Before training – Whey protein shake.

After training – Whey protein shake.

Less then 1 hour after that – Chicken breast, broccoli, salad.

Before bed – Whey protein mixed with skimmed milk.

Now, that diet is not going to win any awards for originality but if you were to follow it for 6-8 weeks you will be a MUCH leaner version of yourself and a better man/woman/amphibian than me.

There is no force on Earth that could make me stick to that diet. It’s so dull, tedious and crushingly monotonous. I wish I could do it but I’m not that organised or disciplined. I also enjoy food that actually tastes of something as well.

Bleating and whinging about my shortcomings not withstanding, my main issue with a diet like this is time. Time to prepare it. Time to eat it. Time to fit everything else around it.

So I need a different sort of plan.

But before I get to that it’s worth pointing out that I don’t have a single original or unique idea to my name. Everything I know or have known has been stolen, borrowed, plagiarised, adapted, bastardised or corrupted from the work of someone else.

But that’s ok because they would’ve done the same from some other poor sod.

And so it is with this diet which comes from the always original and unique mind of Jim Wendler.

Basically you can eat what the hell you want with the simple caveat that before each meal you have to have a piece of fruit and a protein shake.

This does a bunch of things.

  • First off you’re already pretty full before you sit down to your chow so you won’t eat as much.
  • The fruit contains something called vitamins which are, apparently, good for you. I don’t know about you but most men just don’t eat much fruit. The extra fibre and roughage will help get things moving down below nicely as well.
  • It makes up any short falls in your diet. If all I have time for is a quick sandwich while running around like a blue-arsed fly then the fruit and a shake will, although not elevate the meal to God-like status, at least ensure it’s got something of value in it.
  • It takes the bullshit hassle out of planning your day. Making time for 3 meals a day is something that everybody  does every day of there lives. Munching down an apple and a pint of protein while you cook your chicken is not going to impact too heavily on your precious free time.
  • You know what? Even if all you had time for was the fruit and the shake it wouldn’t be a complete disaster. It would be nice to have that perfect diet – maybe brought to me on silver platters by bikini clad ladies on roller skates, but that’s unlikely. So this seems like quite a workable alternative.

So once again I begin a new food regime. Will this be the one that turns me into a savage hulk of gargantuan proportions and anatomy chart levels of definition? Probably not, but if it fits in to my lifestyle a little better and makes things more convenient then I’ll take it.

Dave Carter.

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