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Victory! Dave’s Gym Clean Sweep!


As well a being a gym that is focused on Strength and Conditioning work we also have a very busy group of fighters. We teach and run classes in Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA but with a difference. First off in the Boxing and Muay Thai classes we don’t do any sparring at all. For the guys and girls who have been doing it long enough to be able to spar safely and effectively we run additional sessions. So anyone can come along and do all the pad-work and technique training without getting their head kicked in by a caveman. With the MMA the classes are a genuine co-operative with all the guys who participate contributing to the overall teaching and training. The classes are run by Jamie Harris who is ably assisted by Naim Alwan and Ben Kerr.

The event last night was called The Valley of the Kings and took place at the Oceania Nightclub in Cardiff. The report is done by the ever shy and retiring Mr Kerr himself.

Win win win!!! and winner tonight was Dave’s Gym full contact fighters!!! Tonight we had a Dave’s gym first…..a clean sheet!!! We have come close in the past but tonight we converted!!!

A massive massive thank you to all the supporters who came out on a Sunday night and missed the X factor results to support our training partners and friends. These shows regardless of the talent on display cannot exist without your support and I/we thank you.

And to the fights!! Up first was the “Berserk Turk” T.I.M. (Tiny Indestructible Monster) Mercanoglu!! Again, as is tradition, his opponent was a surprise until this week but that was never gonna be an issue. At his current fight weight of 65kg he has proven yet again to be indestructible. A totally dominant, controlled, only ever one result display of only a limited number of his extensive skill set. Although he had mount in the first round and was dropping heavy, heavy blows to the head for the first time, he couldn’t find that one sweet shot. That said the opponent could not find a way out and, knowing his end was near, he tapped before he was knocked out cold. A true professional before during and after Tim, you should be proud of yourself and the how far you have come in the last year.

Naim Alwan “the dream” fighting his “new best friend” in what was the the most placid build up to a fight in history with the two fighters hugging, smiling, chatting and I wouldn’t be surprised if they swapped numbers all before the fight!! I have heard of and done this myself after a fight as is the fantastic, respectful sport we are part of, but to be that nice before punching some one out cold….is that sadistic or is it just me!!! Ha ha only joking! This is testament to how professional the sport is and the competitors that partake. The fight was the fight of the night by a long way, the show had many, many mismatches with the inclusion of a substandard gym but this fight was a true spectacle. Naim started the fight with some brutal leg kicks, landing over and over, he did allude to this new strategy of “kicking” on Thursday and it was paying off. His opponent having no choice but to clinch. the fight hit the floor and some high level ground work saw Naim dominant with the positioning and the striking and a very, very near armbar attempt. Once the pair stood up, Naims arms were very tired and he battened down the hatches to successfully block and defend against a barrage of punches to see out the round.

Round two again saw Naim throw few strikes (he stated his arms were tired) I believe he gassed them out, holding and controlling his very muscular and so I imagine strong opponent. He did control him and so the opponent again had no choice but to swing for the fences, looking for the KO. Naim however pissed all over those chips, landing a MASSIVE shot. I believe a straight right, that he has landed on myself many many times that floored his opponent (it’s never floored me!!). Once on the floor Naim swarmed and used straights and hammer fists to earn a ref stoppage. A TKO takes his MMA wins to 5-0!! An amazing record by any standards. So, so proud of you Naim and your oddball ways, your dedication to this sport and the exciting way you CHOOSE to fight for the fans makes you a pleasure to corner, and I think all will agree you are a natural. NAIM BELIEVES THIS TO BE HIS LAST FIGHT. PLEASE PLEASE JOIN WITH ME IN CAMPAIGNING TO KEEP HIM WITH THE GYM AND TO CONTINUE GIVING THESE FIGHT OF THE NIGHT PERFORMANCES TO THE SPORT WE ALL LOVE.

Tanya Merrit – a fight name is required guys so all suggestions would be gratefully received and considered for her next venture into the arena!

The fight was Tanya’s toughest to date, a very very unorthodox fighter, utilising a front leg technique that landed from some very awkward angles! Tanya had a slight rules confusion also in that in the clinch she did not strike, in K1 you have two strikes, or as many as you can until the ref breaks you apart!!!! Raising her arms in a good sporting fashion!!

Round two – Tanya realised that she had to weather a couple to land a couple. She span off the front leg strikes to land repeated big blows with her hands, a number of big big flurries saw her opponent grounded. The round was re-started and Tanya started to hunt. Smelling blood she walked forward stalking with front kicks and heavy hands, taking a couple for her trouble also!!! Round three saw more of the same with both fighters landing big head shots. Tanya has never been hit like this in the ring and so showed a true fighter’s spirit to remain composed, not lose her head and remain technical, landing another take down and sealing the majority decision win and the clean sweep for Dave’s Gym. You’re a champion for this reason Tanya, the ease of your last win was because you had the tenacity of this win in reserve, that anything that is put in front of you, you can destroy and march on to many, many more wins in the future. Your attitude to training shows in the ring, you out work every opponent you have faced and that is because you outwork everyone at training. Pleasure working with you

So all in all a massive night for the gym, cementing our reputation as a premier full contact fighting gym. We train like champions and in the cage we reap the benifits of all that hard work.

December the eleventh is the next venture with our largest volume of fighters for one show to date. Lets march on tough guys and finish the year as we started, as we have consistantly displayed throughout the year as a professional and capable of greatness!!

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