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Week 2 of 5/3/1. Applying the pressure.

Last weeks training was a yardstick, a starting point, a reference, a line in the sand. From this point on it’s full speed ahead and damn the charges. I have the new and improved diet in place ( see yesterday’s post ) and my training will pass into legend as the brand new horrors of this Earth.

Providing of course this cold doesn’t kill me first. I say cold but it’s probably a mutant strain of Bird Flu combined with some horrific strain of Ebola. It would slay a lesser man in less then 3 hours but I, dear Blogranauts, will soldier on valiantly with nerry a word of complaint.

This week in the 5/3/1 adventure I’m doing sets of 3 reps. Having done 5/3/1 before I can tell you that this is where the magic happens. The weights should feel as if they’re lifting themselves and you will feel like caged lightning.

At least I would if it wasn’t for this cold . . .

This is this week weights:

Squat – 3 x 100kg,  3 x 115kg and 3 x 130kg. I’m still going to do this as a box squat and drill my tekkers.

Bench – 3 x 90kg, 3 x 100kg and 3 x 115. Regular flat bench with a good bridge and leg drive.

Jerks – 3 x 57.5kg, 3 x 65kg and 3 x 72.5kg. Huge drive from the legs and a fast drop under the bar.

Deadlift – 3 x 100kg, 3 x 115kg and 3 x 130kg. Still constantly practicing my form and speed.

But what do you do if these 3 little sets are not enough and you need more, more, more?

Well . . .

Every now and again the Gods of Iron turn they’re gaze down upon a mortal toiling away in a grimy dungeon gym and smile upon him or her. Upon receiving these rare gifts from the Immortals in the Elysium Fields you are suddenly bestowed the strength of 10 bears and the endurance of the wild ponies of Zeus. It would be folly, nay blasphemy, to turn down this great boon. When the Hour of the Titans is upon you reach deep into the World Forge and pull forth the molten steel from which epic workouts are created. Now take thy hammer and smite it mightily till the steel is folded, honed, hard and sharp. Do not turn away from the God’s gift and do not hold back your rage. ( Dave has been hitting the Lemsip quite hard and needs to lie down for a bit now. But basically if you feel like you can push yourself a little harder on any given day then go for it.)

Yesterday’s workout was squats and this is what I did.

5 min cycle.

1km run.

Squats – Weights and sets as described above plus one extra set of 1 rep @ 140kg not done as a box squat just to see how it felt. Easy.

For my conditioning today I loaded up a bar with 60kg and did 10 good mornings supersetted with a front squat hold for about 30-45 seconds. This was done for 10 mins with no rest and proved to be really quite hard.

I rate front squat holds as one of the best upper back exercises in the business. They also smash the crap out of your core. To do them simply unrack a weight and hold it until your spine crumbles and your ribs snap. Remember to keep your quads, glutes and abs tight and your elbows up nice and high.

That’s all for now.
Did I mention I was ill?
Dave Carter.

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