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Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Wow! It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve last blogged and I’m very sorry for my absence. But now I have returned like a comet from the outer reaches of the solar-system to bring you knowledge and information from strange and alien cultures. Well, Barry Island anyway . . .which is pretty strange and alien all things considered.

Although I’ve had an enforced break from blogging my training has been going splendidly. What I’ve been trying to do is get in shape (again) and set myself the short term goal of getting down to 16 stone (101.5kg or 224lbs) by Christmas.

As I write this we are 2 weeks away from Xmas and I only have a few pounds to go. Reaching my target weight should not be too hard to do – a bit more salad and running should get the job done nicely.


I’ve found over the years of bulking up and cutting back down again that I’m best suited to the simple way of doing things. Anything too complicated or ridged and I automatically rebel against it and begin to sabotage my own progress (midnight doughnuts was a particularly memorable low).

All I try to do is eat 3 meals per day (although I’ll throw in a snack if I’m hungry) and avoid complex carbohydrates. Loads of fish, chicken and meat served up with garden vegetables and salad.

On the weekends I’ll relax things a tad and allow some starchy-carbs creep into the mix. When this strategy finally stops me making any progress then I’ll clean up my act on the weekends also. One of the best bits of advice I ever got regarding dieting was: “always leave yourself somewhere else to go.” My relaxed approach to fat loss is working just fine and allows me to begin tightening the screws once that starts to not give me any results.


For me being in shape is not about six-packs and shredded glutes but about performance and fitness instead. I want to be fit, strong, powerful and dynamic. Merely looking nice in a pair of underpants is not what motivates me.

The trouble is that being “fit” and “strong” at the same time is a little tricky to achieve.

What I’ve been doing this past few weeks is doing some strength training at the start of the workout and then hammering myself stupid with some kind of conditioning session.

The workout

Cycle – start at level 1, pedal at 100+ RPM and increase the level every 15 seconds until my thighs ignite.

Run – 2km done as a mid-paced plod.

10 each of the following exercises; leg swings, clam shells, side leg raises, glute bridges, bird dogs, squats, lunges.

Bench press – after several warm up sets I then did 10 sets of 2 reps done off 1 minutes rest with 100kg. This was a bit too easy and I need to go heavier next time.

Circuit of death – 3 cleans @ 60kg and 10 press ups done for 10 rounds with as little rest as possible.

Dave Carter.

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