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A Day in the Life: Wednesday 18th January

It’s that time again! The Dave’s Gym training log strikes again.Some good sessions today!

Matt Strong (Distinctly average at Rugby)

Forging awesomeness! Solid S+C session:

1. Clean Pulls – 6×2

2a. Bench Press – 4×5
2b. Weighted Chins – 4×5

3a. Inverted Rows – 4×8-12
3b. Dips – 4×8-12

Gaz (Dave’s Gym Wall of Famer)

Fresh off his first cut ever, Gaz is getting massive with some hypertrophy training:

1. Standing BB Calve Raises – 2×20

2. Deadlifts off 5″ Blocks – x5, x4, x3, x2, x1 (Increase Weight each set) then 1xAMAP at the 2 rep weight = x25 reps today.

3. BB Shrugs – 5×20

4. Leg Press – 1xAMAP = x45 Reps today.

5. Cable Palloff Press – 3×12

Matt Richardson, Dave himself, Danny Zucko (The three stooges)

Circuit training in the park for ultimate fitness:

4 x Empty Prowler pushes (Half Pitch) + Pull back
4 x Prowler pushes with 30kg (Half Pitch) + Pull back
4 x Prowler pushes with 60kg (Quarter Pitch) + Pull back

While one person is struggling with that, the other two are split between other stations doing:

5 x BB Thrusters with 50kg
5 x Pullups
10 x Kettlebell Swings 24kg
Sprint, start again

Until person 1 is finished with the prowler. PHEW!


Until next time ladies and germs!

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