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Death by Prowler.

Today is a Cardio and Conditioning day. What, you may well ask, is the difference between cardio and conditioning? The answer is: very little. They both involve doing something that elevates your heart rate and what that thing is doesn’t really matter. I suppose if I was pushed in to having to actually define the difference it’s that generally “conditioning” is hard, brutal and short bursts of activity and “cardio” is something that can be sustained for long periods of time. Also “conditioning” sounds all roughy-toughy and as if your a professional athlete preparing for an event and not merely a fat, middle aged man trying to discover his long vanished abs again.

Doing “cardio” summons up images of Lycra clad ladies mincing about on a cross trainer for 40 minutes in a full face of make-up while reading a book or watching Cash in the Attic and not raising a single bead of sweat. Now, my dear blogranauts, we all know that this type of training is about as much use as tits on a fish. For cardio to be of any benefit at all it has to be hard enough to force your body to have to adapt or die. That, ultimately, is all getting fitter, stronger, bigger or whatever is. Subject yourself to a level of physical stress then sit back as your body adapts to that stress and leaves you harder, faster, better, stronger in it’s passing wake.

 For fucks sake.

Within reason the more often you subject yourself to the correct amount of stress the quicker you’ll get in to better shape. This blinding insight in how to achieve physical perfection does, however, come with a caveat. Your training, and the success of your training, is completely reliant on your ability to recover from it. Without adequate rest, food and maybe supplements you won’t be able to adapt and if you can’t adapt then you will not be catapulted in super, mega, buffdom.

For today’s decent in to madness and lactic acid lunacy I’m going to be pushing a prowler across a muddy field with Matt Richardson. For those out there lucky enough not to know what a prowler is allow me to enlighten you. They are a metal sled on skis that you can load up with weight and then push, pull, drag and manhandle across various surfaces. They look like this:

 And they make you do this:

Matt and I carried the infernal contraption over to some nearby fields and took it turns doing various drills with it. I can’t describe to you how fiendishly effective the prowler is. 1 hours worth of cardio in 5 Min’s – easily.

It also mashes your legs up as well.

Grrrr, blert, vom and wibble,
Dave Carter.

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