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MMA at Dave’s. Onwards to glory.

Yet again the boys and girls from Dave’s Gym MMA ventured forth into the arena of battle and brought back victory. All hail.

Early start late finish, for the tough few!

Very poor turn out gents, from a “team” that sells out each training session by eight am, for four tough guys and a tired old fart to turn up for the biggest grappling contest in south west Britain, you can appreciate why this raises more than a few eyebrows!?! The competition was to a very very high standard, with MMA title holders competing, MMA unbeaten fighters, competing and rumours of a former UFC competitor also this was a golden opportunity missed by most, to safely test your skills against the besting the Britain!

This said it was a real pleasure to accompany and corner three of Dave’s newest members in their first venture in a brand new sport. I think all three will agree in the importance of competitions of this nature in their development. Plus it was good fun!!

Hours and hours of waiting over the Dave’s gym tough guys took to the mat understanding the importance of managing their food intake/fuel intake, the importance of weight cutting to certain weight categories, to keep composure, listen to your corner, breath and managing your nerves!!

Richard Hewitson, 0-2 for the day had made huge personal sacrifices of flavour, taste and enjoyment in his dietary run up to fight day, shedding an amazing 10kg to hit the under 84kg under one year experience category. With the bouts starting on your feet and with no solid physical boundaries such as ropes or a cage the competitors need to use patience and very fast technique to achieve a take down. Richard “the kickboxing camera man” Hewitson showed that he had taken on board pointers put to him during training, “if you don’t try for it you can’t expect to get it” and “the fight isn’t over until you HAVE to tap” having had shoulder injuries recently a tight arm bar could have panicked anybody into a quick tap but Rich kept his composure and scrambled the correct way to escape, looking for basic efficient submissions of his own with a guillotine attempt that was close, but for his own positioning, that will have scored high in judges eyes that we can now work on, the day gave us exactly that things to work on and great minor battles won. You can be proud of where how you conducted yourself and fought, the competition was high with a Pedro Bessa blue belt taking bronze. Well done buddy

Mike Bowell 0-2 for the day, Previous fighting experience, “Pilipino stick fighting” as a kid and Danny Zuko pad sessions! One month in the pleasure dome with the tough guys and Mike takes to the mat. Telling us that he wants a Tasmanian devil tattooed on his chest I expected a ball of tornado dust!! He didn’t disappoint! Coming off the mat asking “was it ok to go for that take down” (which was successful) to which I replied “Fuck yeah”!! Mike embraced exactly what the day was about, just go for it! What’s the worst that can happen? Kicking himself for tapping in a fight he was hands down winning he now knows where he went wrong and the same scenario again he won’t tap and he will complete the Achilles lock he almost had!! He has left the comp a better fighter than he started! Job done, well done.

Dan Moore 1-1 for the day met us in Bristol as his dog required a bit of looking after, giving up a lot of weight being at the bottom end of his weight class, you would forgive him for being nervous, or out muscled? Save your pity!!! Dan was composed and strong taking the fight to the opponents in both rounds with a blue belt in his first fight, and his second fighter had obviously seen this and was very tentative of Dan giving him the space to use his excellent wrestling skills to push the pace of the fight, find the dominant positions and secure the win. Well done Dan awesome achievement, well deserved win. With the mantra of position before submission taken care of, we will work now on making you Dan-gerous!!!

Jay “Mental for Oriental” Horley 2-2 for the day. Worried by his slow start in the Thai interclub, Jay worked on his sugar levels to produce a great start to the day, full of confidence, extremely composed and totally dominant in his first two fights, playing a composed top game, he didn’t give an inch and looked set to medal high. Unlike a standard fight night, one scrap and piss up this comp was a long long day, a lot of waiting about, getting warmed up, psyched up, cooling down, warmed up psyched up…..I’m not making excuses for Jay, or taking from his opponents, but his next two bouts looked like a different Jay. Spending large portions of the bout, defending on his back, in contrast to the go forward, dominant top game of his earlier fights. Again the day is predominantly about experience, and as such Jay experienced four top level grapplers and came out with his head held high, just missing out on a medal. Come the MMA top events with only one fight to prepare for I have no doubt that Jay will have his sugar levels on point and offer up only “whoop ass” on the menu!!

And so to the Mercurial Mr Williams, or Ash to everyone else 7-0 for the day.

A couple of months back Ash came to train at Dave’s and I gave the intro as British Champ, I reeled off only a small percentage of his achievements and credentials as a grappler, I have at every opportunity expressed the benefit to yourselves to train under and with Ash at every opportunity you get, his classes and one to ones also. Needless to say I have a pretty high level of respect for the lad, and remember my first roll with him having to tap four times in one minute, weighing nearly forty kilo’s more than him is a pretty humbling experience made worse when you learn that he can only bicep curl 10kg!

Ash took to the comp with a game plan, an idea of what he wanted to try, and his execution was floorless, technique over strength, play to your own strengths and game plan, take what’s in front of you with no preconceptions. Needless to say Ash won his division, of “Over a year and under 65kg” I may be corrected but I think five straight wins by Achilles lock, which also saw Ash win the absolute comp as well two gold’s for the day. (Absolute being everyone, any weight, any age, any level, any grade…..) beating other division winners in the process. This was no fluke, this was not predetermined fate, or “of course Ash won again”, he didn’t just turn up on the day hung over, he didn’t start thinking about it last week, the preparation has been ongoing for months with several high intensity sessions every week, discipline not to go out, (as a student this can be hard!) and then finally the courage to return as champion, and being the man to beat. The bouts were fiercely contested, Ash had to use all his techniques, try for multiple submissions and reset many times, he fought fella’s up to 20+kg heavier than him and beat everyone. Congratulations from everyone who knows and respects what you do Ash, well deserved and we will look forward to seeing you on Thursday!!!

Tough guys book early!!!!!

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