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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Where are you running to girls?

It seems that blogging comes more naturally to some and is like pulling teeth for others. Admittedly trying to follow up after some of Dave’s and Gaz’s posts is a bit like being Vanilla Ice in the mid eighties, ambitious but ultimately doomed because you are white and can’t rap (and yeah that is the […]

The Clug report. March 2012

Welcome to my monthly training blog. Rather than massage my own ego ( I do this at home) the point of this post is to share some of the training tips I have learnt. This may be be new rep ranges, diet changes, or specific training methods. Basically things that work for me. So first […]

Arnold Classic 2012 report

1st place Branch Warren Branch made his comeback this year after tearing his quadriceps missing  last years Olympia. Because of this so there was a strong narrative for him coming back and winning this show for the second year running.  Branch is a very short body builder at 5,7  he packs a lot of muscle […]