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Arnold Classic 2012 report

1st place Branch Warren
Branch made his comeback this year after tearing his quadriceps missing  last years Olympia. Because of this so there was a strong narrative for him coming back and winning this show for the second year running.  Branch is a very short body builder at 5,7  he packs a lot of muscle weighing in at 250lbs.  Personally I am not a fan of physique, he carries way too much mass. Despite having impressive body parts, ripped legs and a big chest he appears very square. His conditioning is pretty sharp, if you look closely you can see striations on his hamstrings. But from the back he loses all shape on his lat spread by having too much muscle. Well done for the win but not to my taste. 
2nd place Dennis Wolf
The Wolfman was my favourite to win, with out the likes of Kai Green and Phil Heath not in attendance this could well have been his year. Dennis brought a great package to the show. His classic X frame looked huge and aesthetic. His classical proportions make Branch Warren look terrible (in my eyes). Wolf benefits here from having a tiny waist line which makes him look extremely wide. Wolf has been criticised for having a weak back but here you can  clearly see  thickness in his lower traps and the width of his lats. I think he beats Branch in the lat spread. One of his week points are his calves they are not tiny but nor are the monstrous. Also hamstrings whilst being good are just beaten by Warrens horse legs. Over all I believe that  Wolf has got the better overall package (not balls). 

3rd Place Evan Centopani

Another great looking physique Evan is huge from the back, he has  awesome lats and mid back thickness. His hamstrings are well developed, along with his calves. From the front he gets beaten on biceps  by Wolf and he looks a touch softer than the others. Cant think of much more to say here, great work!

I hate to criticise bodybuilders, they will all be in better shape than I will ever be. To get anywhere near this condition takes a hell of a lot of work and its easy for me sat at my PC and scrutinise some ones hamstrings (mine are shit). However I really do think Wolf got the short straw here, he was beaten by a fridge on legs. Wolf posed well using rousing music, he hit artistic poses paying great attention to each shot and his seamless transitions. Where as Warren came out pumping his fists like a bodybuilder to a voice over from Rocky banging on about his comeback ‘yawn’. Just pose.

Heres a funny comment from  youtube

Moral of the story: If you want to win an Arnold Classic, get injured, do a seemingly “impossible” comeback, get a baby 3 weeks before the show. If you do all those things, doesn’t matter if you look 
shittier than the competition, you’ll win 😉

If bodybuilding wants to move forward a few key elements need to be embraced, size proportion and aesthetics.

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