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March 2012 – Ruth’s Training

[Note: have shamelessly stolen this post by Ruth from her blog over at http://smarttraininguk.blogspot.com/ to illustrate some of the points Matt made in his awesome article the other day (Where are you running to girls?). Ruth has been training at Dave’s for a good long while now and only thisevening got a huge personal best on the Clean & Jerk with 60kg. As you’ll see from her post below and other content on her blog she trains primarily with weights, doesn’t do stupid amounts of cardio, and despite what the general consensus on girls training says has in no way become a muscle bound freak. Take note gals – weight training makes you fitter, stronger, healthier, and more awesome. It does NOT make you muscle bound, manly, or scary.]

Hello, as I have been a little absent I have quite a bit to catch you up on, I will start with my training! The 5-3-1 strength program (check out the ‘current training program tab for more information) is going rather fabulously,  although I should not really be going for my 1 rep maxs I have (couldn’t resist). I have got my overhead jerk finally over the 57.5 barrier, to 60k, and have increased my squat to 82.5. Furthermore the ever challenging task to get my overhead squat to bodyweight (62.5kg) albeit still a dream, is creeping up to 45 kg for 1.

As some of you may or may not know I am cutting (stripping some bodyfat) in a competition against Mr Emil Hodzovic (Project Goliath) as to who can get the best abs. So pride and of course summer (beach)  are my motivations. I am hoping to get from 62-63kg down to 60kg, this is a rough marker but the mirror will be the real guide. As it is still early on I am doing this by only slightly altering the time and quality of the food I already eat whilst continuing to work at as high an intensity as I can manage on my fininshers. One of the fininshers I completed this week was ‘The Bear’ barbell complex.

Front sqaut
Overhead push press
Back Squat
Overhead push press


I completed this 4 times round, the sets and reps are as follows;

SET 1: 27.5 kg 7reps
SET 2-4: 37.5 kg 5 reps

I took approximately 90-120 sec rest between each set


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