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The Clug Report. April 2012

The Clug report is a monthly  training blog that takes a look back at the last 4 – 6 weeks  of my training and diet. Last month I ditched the clean bulk for pizzas and high calorie foods and reduced my training sessions to 2 – 3 a week. This weeks post is short and bulked out with photo’s of hot women on decks (apologies) I will have more training specifics next time.

So to April and in the words of the ‘Big Dawg’ Tim Westwood, “LETS GO IN DEEP BABY’ (explosion sounds).

April was a busy month for me, I was working like a prisoner of war (is that PC?) meaning I was very busy. In total I completed 8 workouts. This is good as it adheres to my HIT principle of training hard and getting enough recovery. This would have been 10 sessions but i was away. Out of these 8 workouts there were 4 squat sessions, 3 deadlift sessions and one bench. Obviously I did work on other muscles such as rows on the dead lift day, but the bulk of the work was done on these compound lifts.

My Dj schedule this month was full. I spent 7 days working at the Gadget Show Live at Birmingham NEC, doing DJ demos for Serato. This was great work and I was on the decks from 9 until 6pm everyday with a 30 min break for food. Despite packing  a bag of whey protein it was hard to eat whilst demoing. I was staying in  a Holiday Inn all week (which was great) and my food was limited to the offerings of the room service menu. I found the early starts (I don’t usually go to bed until 4am and wake up at midday) had an effect on my appetite. I booked myself in  for breakfast every day but struggled to wolf down a full english that early. In a nut shell I had little chance to eat and sleep for seven days which ultimately has an effect on muscle growth. Despite this I managed to clock up a room service bill of £200 ! (over use of late night internet!).

A busy DJ stand

My job is hard at times.

As for training the hotel gym packed a punch with a leg press and some kind of fixed axis bench/shoulder press device with a lat pull down. I maxed out the leg press for 50 reps. No deal. Still I was so knackered from an actual days real work I would have been useless at lifting any heavy weights. I decided to spend the rest of the week in the pool and steam room.

So after my week away it was back to stuffing my face and lifting weights. At this point I was getting bored of constantly eating.  My training programme still centred around working up to one or two heavy working sets for 8 – 10 reps. My squat peaked at 170kg for 10 reps. This felt and looked horrible. Overall I did not set any new PBs but was happy with my rep range.

During this period my bodyweight peaked 101.5kgs. I did not hit  the the targeted 104kg. This maybe due to the week away and generally getting bored of feeling bloated from eating pizzas. Still 16st or there abouts is not a bad weight. Thats an increase of nearly 5kg in 10 weeks. Hopefully some of that is muscle!

The next phase of my training will be to get ripped. I am leaning heavily towards the idea of competing in July. My plan is to get in to shape in  8 weeks. In order to do this I will clean up my diet, no pizzas and 4 am drive thru meals. Instead loads of protein, good fats, and veggies. Low carbs no sugar and defiantly no alcohol. I will up my training to 4 times a week, higher rep ranges and possible add some cardio?

More on this next time


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