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Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Diet Trials. Part 1. The Warrior Diet.

The world of dieting is fraught with peril, duplicitude and bunkum. Huge lies and massive fibs fill the air with the cacophony of crows on a corpse. Everything is contradictory and crammed to bursting point with bad, misleading science. I, and I alone, am prepared to stand on the vertiginous edge of sanity and stare […]

Onwards and upwards.

Training is going well at the moment. It’s good to be back in a proper routine and have someone to train with. Having a good training partner is probably one of the most valuable training tools you can ever have. When all is said and done I believe that the big golden secret to progress […]

Lifting, shifting and hedge pruning.

Greetings fellow Blogranauts! I was expecting to be sorer then I’m feeling right now. Usually with this much time away from regular, hard training I’m a twisted, shambling derelict of agonising muscle spasms. Instead I am merely very uncomfortable. Which is, if I’m being completely honest, a little disappointing. It could be that I have […]