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Monthly Archives: September 2013


The after-math, hangovers and comedowns of the Olympics are still burning brightly – but Premier League football takes its place back on center stage as the new season begins this weekend. Will Manchester City retain the title they claimed with the last kick of the seasonor will Manchester United restore what Sir Alex Ferguson will […]

Complexes and Southwood and Dan John

Hail and well met my little blogranauts! Keen and fanatical followers of this blog (no one real, all imagined. In my head thousands of eager readers await my every published pixel. The truth is, perhaps, less impressive) will know that I am quite the fan of Dan John. If you don’t know who Dan John […]

Trudging onwards towards glory.

I have immersed myself in the world of technology and have got one of those snazzy iphone things so I can do more frequent and far better blog articles. It has not been bought solely for playing angry birds on – honest.As way of an example here’s a picture of me at the London Olympics. […]