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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Tuesday and Wednesday. Sleep is for the weak.

Tuesday Normally I sleep like a baby with narcolepsy that’s been hitting the gin. But, for some unknown reason, I was wide awake and boring holes into the bedroom ceiling with my bloodshot, unblinking eyes from around 2am this morning. It wasn’t the usual awake, need a wee, snuggle back under the duvet, think about […]

Monday mornings and wet weekends.

Oh God . The rain. It comes in sheets. It comes as drizzle. It comes like stair-rods. It is all and all is damp. It soaks through clothing and seeps through skin and saturates your soul. Everything is wet to the point where it can’t get wetter and the water just sits on top of […]

Friday. Not quite as shit as yesterday.

All in all it’s been a frustrating week. What with useless elbows and mysterious, near fatal illnesses my training has not gone to plan. At least today’s workout was less miserable then the rest of the week’s. The day started promising enough as the kids wanted to ride their scooters into school today which means […]