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Friday. Not quite as shit as yesterday.

All in all it’s been a frustrating week. What with useless elbows and mysterious, near fatal illnesses my training has not gone to plan. At least today’s workout was less miserable then the rest of the week’s. The day started promising enough as the kids wanted to ride their scooters into school today which means that I have to sprint more or less flat out just to keep up with them. They can’t half shift on them but I am slightly worried that in years to come an entire generation of children will be walking around in circles due to one leg being massively more developed then the other.

 As soon as I got back from dropping the kids off I collected the dog and took him down to the beach. We have had some disgusting weather recently which makes going out for long walks somewhat less appealing but on the plus side it does wash up some very interesting flotsam onto the shoreline. All of which feeds my growing obsession with all things linked to beach scavenging. Today brought a fine haul of driftwood and sea smoothed bricks. The other purpose for going down the beach was to exercise and train the hound. The exercise bit went well. The training part less so. The problem is the coven of blue rinse witches that take their equally ancient, small, yappy dogs out for a drag. Jim has learned that by running up to them and turning on the puppy cuteness to 11 that the old dears will give him a biscuit. Which in turn leaves me stood at the other side of the beach screaming “Come here boy!” at the top of my lungs to no avail. In fact I fear it’s having the opposite effect to what I want. Now, every time I shout out “Come here boy!” he starts looking around for some old bat with a pocket full of Doggo Chunks. Bollocks.

Today’s workout went well. My elbow and general decrepitude are still the limiting factors and there are still a few things I can’t do but it’s all on mend. Here it is:

Just a quick one today peeps.
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