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Monday mornings and wet weekends.

Oh God . The rain. It comes in sheets. It comes as drizzle. It comes like stair-rods. It is all and all is damp. It soaks through clothing and seeps through skin and saturates your soul. Everything is wet to the point where it can’t get wetter and the water just sits on top of everything unable to go anywhere. The sky is a tombstone slab of grey and only about 6 foot overhead. It feels like there is a lid on the world and we are living in a shallow Tupperware box. Most of the UK is underwater, Cardiff is to be twinned with Atlantis and it’s people will evolve to have webbed feet and gills. Most of the citizens of Newport have already managed it.

The weekend was, as usual, a frantic blur of kids, dogs and catching up with Zoe. On Saturday I took the kids and the dog down to the beach and found that the tide was all the way out. This exposes hundreds of metres of sand that is usually covered in rolling, foamy waves. All manner of the denizens of the deep can be found and we spent a good hour or so finding crabs, cockles, limpets and a dead baby shark (actually a dogfish but don’t tell the horrified but fascinated kids). With the tide out it’s possible to follow the coastline around by clambering over the huge, seaweed and barnacle-covered rocks. There is a rumour that at low tide some caves can be gained access to and we set out to see if we could find them. Unfortunately, the sea was on its way back in and if there is one thing you learn around Barry Island it’s not to mess with the menacing, encroaching waters. Next time we will set out with snacks, torches and a camera. Still, the kids had fun and the dog went absolutely mental chasing seagulls and chewing ropes of seaweed.

We like, if at all possible, to keep Sundays as chilled out as a big yellow dog sleeping in the sun and the cornerstone to a good Sunday is a big Sunday lunch. The whole family sitting around the table eating together is important – although it’s not always fun or relaxing. Spending several hours in the kitchen putting a family roast dinner together only to have one of the kids complain that this week they don’t like chicken can take a parent to the brink of infanticide. Fortunately, when it comes to keeping the family status quo sharing the challenge of kids and food makes life a lot easier. We have some friends, Richie and Ndide and their little girl Hope, who live in the next town along the coast and they invited us over for Roast Chicken and Yorkshire Pudding. It was a lovely day, the kids played well, we ate good food and I had a few beers. Pretty much a perfect Sunday.

All that good food and rest plus a much improved elbow all combined to give me my best workout for several weeks. I love training even when it’s so-so, but when it’s good and the Dark Gods of the Squat Rack bestow you with gifts from the other side then it’s magnificent.Today’s workout was one of those sessions. I felt awesome and strong and fit and highly attractive to beautiful women – unfortunately all I had was Rhod but, any port in a storm.

Anyway check out the workout:

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