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Wed and Thur. Actually doing some work for a change.


I had a lie in this morning. Zoe, bless her little woollen socks, got up to scrape up puppy crap and get the kids ready for school. I staggered downstairs just in time to see them out the door and rub coffee granules into my eyes. As she also took Jim (hound) out for walkies I sat my bum down for an hour or so of blog post writing. It takes me about 2 hours to put together a typical post, which is quite a chunk out of my day. When the words flow and the blog writes itself it’s great. When all I have is a blinking cursor, an empty page and an empty head then it’s torture. The format I’m using at the moment seems to be working. Writing the posts with an autobiographical slant makes it easier to start the writing process and then I find that I can usually find a tangent to rant about for awhile.

After lounging around in my dressing gown for the morning I finally got my caffeine levels up to the point where I felt able to face the world and go to the gym. Unfortunately, upon arriving at work I realised that I had left my phone at home so there are no videos of today’s session. As Zoe points out to me with much eye rolling “The point of a mobile phone is it’s mobility. If you don’t take it with you it is merely a phone and in a place you are not.” She may have a point.

Training today was a mix of cardio and weights. We’re still deloading and I’m still nursing an injured elbow so nothing legendary occurred but it was still a good session.

Cycle – 10 mins.

Run – 5 mins.

Skipping – 2 mins (skipping is hard).

Front squats – 3 sets 10 reps.

Bench press – 3 sets 5 reps. This doesn’t seem to bother my elbow.

Rows – Rhod did barbell rows and I did inverse rows on the TRX straps because, and I don’t know if you’ve heard, I have an elbow injury.

My main task of today was to sit down with the lovely Ruth and start to plan a 20 month periodised training plan for Ieuan (Welsh names have either too many vowels or none whatsoever) who is a sprint cyclist who will be competing in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. I’ll do a separate post about Ieuan’s program and we will be following him all the way to cycling glory in 20 months time.

For now though we shall talk about Ruth.

Ruth has been with us for 3 years and is a much loved member of staff. Mainly because as the team’s Sports Masseuse she keeps us fixed and working. She started off as a regular member of the gym but as soon as we saw her training we knew we had to have her on the team. Ruth has impeccable technique and a highly competitive attitude plus she is more than up to surviving the banter and low level harassment from the boys. Ruth’s degree was in Sports Conditioning, Rehab and Massage and she started working from the gym first as a motivator and then set up SMART Recovery. SMART Recovery is a brilliant sport massage business run out of Dave’s that I couldn’t recommend enough. Ruth, as well as massage, also personal trains, works in the gym and is studying for a MSc. in Strength and Conditioning. Busy girl.

Together we will formulate a plan so cunning, so ground breaking and so brilliant that the only thing that could fuck it up is Ieuan going skiing and breaking his collar bone. Which he did last year and has just informed us that he’s off skiing in January. Oh well.


Double bollocks, damn and blast! I was supposed to get up at 530am and open the gym at 7am. Which was the time that I eventually woke up. Even hurling myself out of the window naked and driving like demented fiend was not enough to get there in any reasonable time. Such are the drawbacks in living 12 or so miles from the gym. Fortunately Matt Richardson lives almost next door and has keys so we woke him up and turfed him out of his nice warm bed. Thank you Matt! Once, finally, at the gym I drank litres of coffee, wrote blogs and got ready for training. Today it wasn’t just my training I had to get ready for either. One of our long term members, who is called Ryan, wanted to use the gym to do some filming in. He works for a large insurance company who seem to take their employee’s health quite seriously. Ryan’s job is to head up corporate health and fitness and so wanted some footage of him doing a cool Dave’s Gym circuit. No normal stuff using little dumbells or 5 different types of crunchie would do here. So the battle ropes, heavy kettlebells, kick shields, strongman logs and plyometric platforms were brought into play. Ryan was exhausted at the end but the film footage should look good once it’s done. When it is I’ll stick it up here for your viewing pleasure.

My and Rhod’s training was a much tamer affair as we just did some cardio. Nothing groundbreaking¬† just good solid bike, crosstrain and run stuff. I’m gradually getting fitter and the run is becoming less vile.

The rest of Thursday was swallowed up in dog walking, kid wrangling and house tidying. Although the kids and I did make the ultimate bacon and egg sandwich. Thick cut, fresh, crusty, white bread that was drizzled with a little olive oil and lightly toasted in the same pan that we cooked the bacon in. The bacon was smoked, streaky and dry cured so there was none of that white watery shit that comes out of crappy bacon. The eggs were free range and cooked over easy. Browned and juicy mushrooms were available to those who like them and we had the choice of red or brown sauce. Build it up. Gently crush it down. Cut it in half and take a big bite. Absolutely heavenly. For pudding we had a massive bowl of Greek yogurt with blueberries and honey. Bloody fantastic. After the kids were in bed I treated myself to a bottle of beer in the bath and an early nights sleep.

Thanks for reading,
Dave Carter.

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