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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Wednesday. Heavier then a heavy thing.

I had opened up the gym on Monday and Tuesday, which means getting up at half past five. So Zoe, bless her woollen mittens, treated me to a lie in this morning. Although with the racket that the kids make you don’t really get any extra sleep just some extra time in bed. This is […]

Monday. Where the fuck is Rhod?

Last week was a deload week and Rhod was away skiing. This week is a brand new cycle of training and Rhod is still away. Where the fuck is Rhod? Ah, who cares? I’m going to train anyway. Last week was a nice break. I did 3 half-arsed workouts and relaxed my dietary regimen a […]

Destroy & Flood III

You should be bigger by now – MUCH bigger. You train hard, you drink your protein, you go to bed early (who wants to watch Game of Thrones anyway?), and while you’re happy with your results so far…you could still do better, and you know it. My guess is that you either fall into the […]