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Monday. Messing about in the gym.

It’s a deload week and Rhod is plummeting to a certain death in Italy which means I’m free to mess about in the gym and have some fun. Regular and consistent training is all well and good but don’t ever underestimate just larking about. Sometimes interesting things can happen when you least expect it.

The day started with a breakfast fit for a king.

That’s not just sausage. That’s sausage wrapped in bacon and served with a spicy tomato, bean and chorizo compote, artfully piled on top of some rye bread. Nom, nom, nom. After that I dragged the kids to school and took the dog for a walk.

Once at the gym I set about getting ready for a workout – but what to do? I decided to start with some cardio and did 5 min on the bike, 5 mins on the crosstrainer and a 5 min run. Suitably sweaty I headed downstairs and set up a squat rack. Then for the next 30 minutes I did Thrusters. Which is a front squat followed with an overhead press. This is a great movement much loved by Crossfit, but try not to let that put you off from giving it a go. After all it’s a squat combined with a press which makes it not just badass but badass squared.

As is my standard practice at the moment I started with an empty bar and added a little weight each set. As this was a deload and I was training by myself I took my time and just let all happen. I ended up at 100kg which, all things considered, I was really happy with. For a bit of fun I filmed 3 different versions of an overhead press. One done as a push press, one as a double dip and one as a jerk.

Check it out:

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