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Monday. Where the fuck is Rhod?

Last week was a deload week and Rhod was away skiing. This week is a brand new cycle of training and Rhod is still away. Where the fuck is Rhod? Ah, who cares? I’m going to train anyway.

Last week was a nice break. I did 3 half-arsed workouts and relaxed my dietary regimen a bit. Getting a deload week right is art in itself. Do too much training and you’ve destroyed any chances of some recovery. On the other hand, if you took the entire week off and did no training at all then you’ll come back weaker, less fit and demotivated. I’ve come to the conclusion, after many botched efforts, that the best way to deload is to keep the weight reasonably high but the volume very low indeed. So, last week I mainly did sets of 1 rep and piled the weight on willy-nilly. I even got a rep with 80kg on the overhead press – which has been a goal of mine for quite awhile now. Although it took several attempts.

Food wise I didn’t fall off the wagon too badly. A bit more carb consumption, a little bit of chocolate, a couple of beers. Nothing too horrific. Although it did mean that I put a pound on.

Last weigh in before deload.
Today’s weigh in. Although these are the gym scales and may weigh heavier then my home ones. Hmmmm…

However, this week it’s back on. Perfect training. Perfect eating. All done for 3 weeks and then take your foot off the gas for a week. Repeat until awesome. I absolutely love this way of training and eating. The deload week is just enough “easy” for me not to mind the “hard”. Would I make better progress if I just kept the hammer down and trained like a madman without pause or deviation? Yes, definitely. But I couldn’t sustain it for very long. Too old, too many injuries, not quite enough give-a-fuckness. But this way I can make gentle, stately progress and remain enthused. And let me tell you – without enthusiasm and passion anything you attempt will feel hollow and pointless.

 The only advice I will ever give my kids (except for “Never try to fart when you have diarrhoea.” Boy, that was a hard learnt lesson.), will be this: Try lots of different things. As many as you can/dare. Keep trying things until you find something you love to do. (Hopefully, dear blogranauts, this will be playing the cello or particle physics or diamond mining and not meth or pornography or abduction. We can but hope.) Once you’ve found that thing you love to do practice it. Practice it for hours, days, months, years. Practice it obsessively. Practice it until you’re so good at it that other people will pay you to do the thing you love to do. End of advice.

Amazing! Just as I was writing this I got a text from Rhod saying that he’s just got back and wants to train. That’s dedication for you. He may of only had 2 hours sleep but that bone deep tiredness you get from traveling is not enough for him to miss a session with his gym partner. I’m deeply touched and want him to know, that if the tables are ever turned, that I would go straight to bed and not even bother texting him to cancel. Muppet.

It was deadlifts today and the first proper chance to try out our new training protocol. Basically, it’s 5/3/1 turned upside down. Genius.

For example if we were doing squats our workout might look something like this –

3 x 20kg, 3 x 22.5kg, 3 x 25kg, 3 x 27.5kg, etc – up to about 80kg. Then we’ll drop the reps down to 1 rep and keep adding weight. 1 x 82.5kg, 1 x 85kg, 1 x 87.5kg, etc – all the way to our current 95% 1RM (about 125kg). Then we strip some of the weight off and do our 3 working sets of 5 reps – 5 x 110kg, 5 x 97.5kg and 5 x 85kg.


  1. Lots of practice sets. Only perfect practice makes perfect.
  2. By going heavier first and then doing our working sets at reduced weights the bar “feels” lighter. This has something insanely dull to do with the Central Nervous System and Neuromuscular Adaption. Or something.
  3. Did I mention the practice sets?

Today’s workout was hard going. We were both tired and hadn’t eaten properly. As we started deadlifting and the weight started to creep up we both thought that the 5 reps with 160kg would be vile, bordering on impossible. But then something odd happened. We did one rep at 160kg and it felt disgusting. We then did another one rep with 170kg, which also felt disgusting. Then we dropped the weight back down to 160kg and did 5 reps. Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it was easy, and we were suddenly imbued with the strength of ten bears, BUT it was a hell of a lot easier then it should have been. Check out the vid:

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