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Thursday. Everything tastes better with bacon.

I had a great meal last night. It was so good I also had it for breakfast, much to the disgust of Ruth who had the dubious pleasure of watching me eat it at 7am this morning. It’s strange how your tastes change as you get older, not just with food but in most other things. Your tastes in music, film, books, relationships and the ways you like to spend your time are constantly changing. Or at least I think they should. As a spotty, skinny, geeky kid I was in to Heavy Metal, action movies with Arnie or Sly in and horror novels. My best relationship was with a Labrador and vegetables were things to be feared and shunned. I spent all my spare time . . .
. . . well, in probably the same way all teenage boys spent their time, but when I wasn’t doing that I was reading comics and worrying about girls.

Fast forward 30 years and I still listen almost exclusively to metal but I hate big, dumb action movies. I need a film with a little more grit and edge to it, big explosions and robots that turn into things that aren’t robots don’t really do it for me anymore. I’m at my most eclectic with my reading habits and will devour most things from all genres. The best books I’ve read in the past 3 months would probably be; Red Country (fantasy but written in a gritty realistic way), The Secret Race (sport biography exposing the sordid underbelly of the Tour de France) and How to be a Woman (brilliant autobiography/rant/comedy about modern day feminism). My relationships have gone full circle from Labrador to girlfriends to marriage to children and back to Labrador.

One of the biggest changes that you undergo in the journey from kid to adult is with food. As a kid you don’t really have to give it much thought. A plate full is slapped down in front of you 3 times per day and you either like it or you don’t. Your palette is, in most cases, probably quite basic and food with strong flavours are viewed with suspicion. I remember disliking onions, all green vegetables, spicy food and offal. Now literally hours of every day are spent thinking about, preparing, serving and eating food. Also as you grow older your palette becomes more sophisticated and food then made you gag as a kid you now shovel down with great glee. I am always suspicious and, every so slightly, dismissive of an adult who is a fussy eater. It’s as if they are still trapped with a child’s attitude towards food. Anyway, I now love most of the food that I hated as a kid and firmly believe that the addition of garlic, chilli, bacon and cheese can enhance any meal.

This especially pertains to offal. I totally get why people don’t like liver, kidneys, heart and all the wibbley slimy parts of an animal but to those fortunate enough to enjoy them then there is flavor to spare. Offal is also ridiculously cheap and packed to the gunnels with protein, iron and B vitamins. Which is why I was eating liver cooked with onions and bacon at 7 this morning and Ruth was appalled.

Our training today was a cardio workout. Currently we do a cardio only session on Tuesdays and Thursdays and they are beginning to get really quite hard. We start with a 10 min cycle just to get the blood flowing. Typically, on the bike, we start at level 1 and increase the level every 30 seconds. Which means that by the time we are into the last 2 minutes the resistance is high and our legs are throbbing. After the bike it’s time for our run. I’m convinced that their is nothing quite like running to get you fitter – but I also believe that there is running and then there’s running. For getting fitter and burning fat then your run should be hard and fast (relatively speaking of course), which means that it can’t be very long. Weirdly when people start to do some running the first thing they do to make it harder is to run for longer. Running for 40 mins rather then 20 mins but at the same, or less, speed won’t help you much in your quest in getting fitter. This isn’t a vendetta against distance running per se – if you are going to be doing something as mental as a marathon then you need to be running a lot of miles. But if you want to be fit and lean then your running should be shorter and faster. Just look at the athletes that do it:

Rhod and I do a 10 min fast-ish run and try to make it faster everytime we do it. 10 mins ain’t sprinting, obviously, but it’s a set amount of time and if we can do more in the same amount of time then that’s going to get us fitter, After the 10 mins of running we then do 10 x 30 secs “sprints” with 30 seconds rest in between. This is still not sprinting in the classic sense of the word but it is great interval training and really helps with your recovery.

And that’s it. 10 mins cycle. 10 mins run. 10 x 30 secs sprints. All done and dusted in half an hour and it’s really working.

After today’s workout I went home and ate this:

A lovely pork chop and a mountain of veg.

I then sat down and read my book until it was time to go pick the kids up from school. Zoe took the dog out for a walk and I took the boys, and myself, to the barbers for a much needed haircut. Once we got back, fed the kids and got them to bed it wasn’t much longer until Zoe and I headed off to bed ourselves.

Thanks for reading,
Dave Carter,
Dave’s Gym,

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  • Anonymous on January 11, 2013

    That chop looks lush. I’d cook it a tad longer though, just to get that rind nice and crispy. 🙂

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