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Tuesday. Be afraid Mr Spielberg. . .

Yet more deload larks. I trained with Emil today and I think we averaged about 2 reps per hour of time spent in the gym. It might not of been the quickest or most intense of workouts but we did do some heavy(ish) deadlifts so all was not lost. For a change we used the hex-bar to play with as neither of us had really ever used it properly. As I’m sure you’re aware it’s a halfway house between squatting and deadlifting. I reckon that for most people who just want to get bigger/stronger/better it’s a more preferable option to regular straight bar deadlifting. It’s safer, more comfortable, requires less skill and most folk can lift more weight with it.

It also doesn’t seem to fuck you up as much as regular deadlifting either. Normally the day after doing even moderate deadlifting I feel slightly drained and hollow, but as I sit here writing this on the morning after a heavy session of hex-bar deads I don’t feel to bad at all. I even managed to be supple enough to put my socks on without breaking into a sweat.

Do I think they are a replacement for regular deadlifting?

No. However, if you have any mobility or injury issues then they make a great alternative. I also think that they’re a good exercise for men and women who participate in regular sporting activities as they don’t leave you feeling too broken up.

After many, many sets of deadlifts we then went on and did a horrible little finisher. I stole this from crossfit.com – which is the second time in as many days that I’ve mentioned Crossfit. Don’t fret my faithful blogranauts, I have not been won over by the Dark Side. But, before you get your knickers in a twist and hop on board the Hate-train to Fuckcrossfit Grand Central Station let me remind you that in essence what Crossfit is, is training hard with weights.

It does puzzle me that Crossfit is either loved or loathed. No one single system of training has all the answers. Bodybuilding is too focused on appearance. Powerlifting, with the use of suits and other bits of lifting gear, has become a clothing manufacturers arms race. Olympic lifting is so narrow in it’s focus that any other type of training is detrimental to it. Crossfit really only suits the young and relatively light of body weight.

I would advise you to do what I do and steal, plunder and plagiarise everybody else’s good ideas and claim them as your own. Anyway, this was on the Crossfit.com site as one of their little wodettes:

 Bodyweight bench press supersetted with pull ups. max reps. 5 rounds.

We did it and it was horrible. When you weigh in the region of 110kg that’s quite a hard little circuit.

During training I was messing around with my phone and made this –

Let’s join immediately, it looks amazing!
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