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Wednesday. Heavier then a heavy thing.

I had opened up the gym on Monday and Tuesday, which means getting up at half past five. So Zoe, bless her woollen mittens, treated me to a lie in this morning. Although with the racket that the kids make you don’t really get any extra sleep just some extra time in bed. This is no bad thing as it means that I can fire up the kindle and loose myself in a book for awhile. I love reading and always have done. I’m at my most content when curled up on the sofa, or in bed, with my nose in a book. I don’t ask for much from a book. I don’t need to be reading anything worthy or critically acclaimed. I don’t follow any particular genre or type of book. I just want to be entertained. As a committed bibliophile I was initially sceptical about the kindle and wondered if it would alter the reading experience and lessen it somehow. Would not holding the physical object in your hands, hearing the creak of the spine as you turned the pages or catching the occasional wiff of eau-de-book emanating from it somehow diminish reading? Not remotely. I currently have 105 books stored onto a device that weighs less then a very thin paperback and room for several thousand more. The kindle is not without some drawbacks though. Any artwork, maps, pictures and the suchlike are in black and white and often reproduced very small, which makes viewing them less then ideal. There are more typos and grammatical errors then in the paper form, but that doesn’t bother me too much. My major issue with the kindle isn’t really a problem at all but a weakness on my part. It’s just so easy to buy another book. No matter where you are or what time of the day it is you can be transported into the kindle store and in a matter of seconds be reading a new book. I have to be very strict with myself and only buy a new book if I’ve finished the one I’m reading. For the most part I’ve been able to stick with this rule and have only plunged into an orgy of unrestrained book buying a couple of times.

Max, my youngest kid, is off school at the moment with a random virus so we spent the morning together messing around until it was time for me to go to work. There is a small part of me that secretly likes it when the kids are ill. They get so much more huggy and want to be draped across you at all times. It’s a sad fact that the older they get the less they want to hug you. Conrad goes wide eyed in terror if I ever try to cuddle him in the school playground which, of course, makes me want to do it even more. Just to see him squirm with mortified embarrassment. Jocelyn is the exception to the rule, as is often the way with Joss, her hugs can leave bruises. Maybe it’s a boy/girl thing. Who knows?

Today’s training was epic. The planets were aligned and the Gods of Iron bestowed their bountiful boons upon us. We started, as usual, with 10 mins of cardio and an activation circuit. Today’s circuit was all about unilateral leg work (one leg at a time), and we did lunges, step ups and split squats for 4 circuits  of 20 seconds on each exercise. After that we blasted through 3 complexes of 6 exercises; row, clean, front squat, press, back squat and good morning. All that took about 30 minutes and is a hell of a warm up. It really works too, because as we started our proper training of Front Squats supersetted with Bench Press we felt great. Our squats were lower then a worm’s belly and our bench press was a masterclass in explosive technique. Well, not quite, but they did feel better then they have done for quite sometime.

Supersetting front squats with bench is a monster combo and one that we had not tried before. They’re both big exercises that require a lot of concentration and focus but they work together really well. Mainly, I think  because by doing the bench press in a powerlifting style you get a massive stretch through the quads as you bridge. Whatever it was it worked. I worked up to a 120kg front squat and a 140kg bench – which is heavier then I’ve lifted in ages. Typically, I had left my phone at home and so I couldn’t film our session. Fortunately though you don’t have to take my word for it as Matt R. and Dan B. were training at the same time and caught some of my lifts (sorry Rhod) on camera  Here’s a clip of Matt, Dan and me doing some lifting. Those two are properly strong. Damn them.

My only criticism of today’s workout was that it was a tad on the long side and, maybe, we didn’t need the 12,000 warm up sets. You live and learn.

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Dave Carter,
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