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There are times when even the keenest and most dedicated of hardcore trainers hit a brick wall of apathy. I have been lying in the wreckage of that collision for a couple of weeks now and need to change things up a bit. The big issue is that the spirit is kinda willing but the flesh is weak as shit. I’ve had a series of annoying, niggling and enfeebling injuries that have put the stoppers on lifting heavy things. Which is annoying. It need not be the end of the World though, because in the pursuit of God like physical perfection there is more then one way to skin a cat. (I have always wondered if there is in fact more then one way to skin a cat. We have a particularly loathsome example of feline misery and I would love to put this theory to it’s acid test. Alas Zoe thinks that cat evisceration may upset the kids. Bah – toughen ’em up I say.)

The thing I enjoyed about the 5/3/1 program we were following was that it was fun to do. I got to train full body every time. I got to squat every time. The workouts were relatively concise and left me feeling as if I had had a tough session. It’s not vital to smash yourself into smithereens every workout to get results but I do like finishing a session feeling as if I’ve been pulverised by rampaging bulls. But I need to leave lifting heavy, heavy, heavy stuff alone for awhile. What to do?

 Puzzled Dave is puzzled.
The obvious answer would be to rest until the injuries went away. But this is not the Dave’s Gym way. No. We must forge on through illness, injury, debilitation, madness and affliction. Which is, of course, precisely how I got injured in the first place. 
I’ve learnt most of what I know through making mistakes. The only thing I haven’t learnt it how to stop making them.
So if I’m not going to rest and I don’t want to take it easy and I do want to mash, maim, mangle and mutilate myself then what are my options?
CROSSFIT – Unusually for someone that doesn’t do Crossfit I’m not Anti-Crossfit. But I also think that 42 year old men, weighing in excess of 110kg, with a catalogue of injuries a mile long have maybe left it too late to learn how to do 10,000 muscle-ups in a single session. However there many good things about the Crossfit model. They use big  full body free-weight exercises for the bulk of their training. Often arranged in circuits that would make a Spartan spew. The workouts are the epitome of brevity and are often done and dusted in 10 minutes.

Good – Quick and hard full body beatings.

Bad – You can’t make me do handstands. You just can’t. Also, it seems to be compulsory to train with your top off and no one deserves to see that.

BODYBUILDING – This actually isn’t a bad shout. Done properly it’s all about control and feeling the muscles do the work. The weight you lift isn’t the point – it’s how much agony you can pour over your screaming sinews. Slow down the rep speed and you take momentum out of the equation so the muscles do more work and the joints do less. This way of training suits the older and more fragile iron enthusiast. The problem is that to give each muscle a meticulous mangling it’s almost impossible to train the full body in a single session. There is also an issue regarding the type of idiot that does bodybuilding style training. I have lost count the amount of times some absolute bell-end has asked me this question:


Good – Easy on the joints. Build a little muscle. Good for fat burning.

Bad – Split bodypart routines. Bell-ends.

I reckon for the time being those are the only two options open to me. So the plan is to amalgamate the two together and become a massive cardio beast. No one has ever thought of this before. Big and fit? At the same time? This is ground breaking stuff happening right here. Totally unique when compared to any other form of training. . . except for the training Rugby players do . . . and Olympic lifters . . . and Sprinters . . . and Heavyweight fighters of all contact sports . . . and . . . bollocks, not that unique then.

Here’s a brilliant little clip of Rhod and I doing our stuff. Watch and enjoy.

Thanks for reading,
Dave Carter,
Dave’s Gym,

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