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What is Powerlifting?
One of many blog entries soon to erupt through the Dave’s gym blog like a menacing volcano destined to cover continents.
Powerlifting combines three static strength lifts into one monumental total of awesomeness. The total derives from the numbers achieved from the one rep max of each lift. You have three attempts at each lift to reach your maximum effort & accumulate a total & the lifter with the best total is victorious. The three lifts are the only three lifts you will ever need to succeed in life. Powerlifting will transform you into a machine that is worthy of Asgard and to lift Thors’ mighty hammer!
Lift one… The Squat
Many attempt, many fail. Those who succeed reach the heights of such prestigious characters as Kratos, Djimon Hounsou & Chuck Norris. Wait… Nobody reaches Chuck Norris. But I’m positive he would tell you to squat.
Squat consists of the barbell, some collars and a shit load of weight… And if you’re good enough some spotters.
As seen in the illustration shows:
The bar rests on the shoulders and the person stands upright with their chest high.
Hips breaks, knees slightly forward and lower oneself into a seated position.
Once the hip joint is below parallel to the knee the lifter stands upright with maximal effort. (Screaming optional) The lift is completed when the bar is returned to the rack.
Lift two… The Bench Press
How much you lift brah?
Unrack the iron. Lower the weight until the bar is motionless on the chest. Wait for the command ‘Press’ then fully extend until the triceps are locked. It is important that the feet are flat and motionless throughout the lift and arse and shoulder blades are firmly placed on the bench. Any movement of the feet or lifting of the arse is considered a red light and a no lift. It is also considered a fail if the bar descends at any point of the lift.
Lift three… The Deadlift
The third and hardest lift… Mainly due to you being royally messed up after a heavy day of lifting! Fortunately it is the least technical (rules wise). The best advice I have been given on how to Deadlift was from the Aussies in the Commonwealth Championships… “Just pick it up and put it daaaaannnnn mate!!!” They also said “zip in and rip it mate” but this made no sense to me.
The lifter grasps the bar and pulls from the floor making sure the chest is high and the back is tight. You are expected to pull until the shoulders are back, knees are locked and hips are pulled through. The lift is complete when the referee commands the bar to the floor under the control of the lifter.
Summary for all three lifts
If the lift is easy, add more weight. Rinse and repeat!
Dave’s Gym Powerlifting team train Monday to Friday around 5pm. Sessions are focused primarily on the competitive lifts.
Monday – Squat (5pm)
Tuesday – Bench (5:30pm)
Wednesday – Deadlift (5:30pm)
Thursday – Bench (5:30pm)
Friday – Squat (5pm)
Anyone interested technique, getting into competition or general compound strength, speak to one of the Dave’s Gym staff for details or come along at 5pm, we are not hard to miss. (Follow the ink)
The lifters
Owen Hubbard, one of the founders of the team…With the most ink and the loudest voice. He owns the bar we train with and he lets everyone know about it! Competes as a junior as a fat 83kg….. ranked 7th in the world and is British champion.
Records in competition (equipped) include:
  • Squat – 297.5kg
  • Bench – 225kg
  • Deadlift – 260kg
Unequipped lifts include
  • Squat – 230kg
  • Bench – 165kg
  • Deadlift – 255kg
Owen is currently training for the European juniors for Great Britain in April. Hopes to total 800kg with a 305kg squat, 232.5kg bench and a 272.5kg Deadlift (equipped).
Training Song: Slipknot – Pulse of the Maggot

Ben Heaton… The right hand man and cofounder of the team. Ben constantly believes that winter is forever coming and trains for this purpose. Ben has lifted in two competitions so far and is making all kinds of gains! Currently training for the British Unequipped Championships and is also competing in May in the Welsh Powerlifting Championships
Records in competition (unequipped) include:
  • Squat – 147.5kg
  • Bench – 137.5kg
  • Deadlift – 215kg
Ben has recently decided to get shredded and is now in the 74kg weight class, dropping from the 83kg class… And the lifts have gone up!
Training Song: Rammstein – Ich Will
Ed is the other 74kg category lifter in the team and considers himself as quite the director with the camera, however this is not his only strength. Ed seems to have the ability to grind every lift out which will help him in the competition in May.
Ed is lifting in the 74kg class and is hoping for the following lifts:
  • Squat – 145kg
  • Bench – 100kg
  • Deadlift – 175kg
Training Song: 2Pac – Hit ‘Em Up
Max ‘why you no lockout’ Simpson is the next promising lifter. With the frame of a 105kg guy and a bodyweight of 90kg his weights defy all logic. Max is still yet to compete in a competition however is training for the WSA Welsh Championships in May and his lifts are competitive.
In May Max is hoping to lift (Unequipped):
  • Squat – 215kg
  • Bench – 145kg
  • Deadlift – 220kg
If he’s not lifting he’s certainly not loading… You will find him on the bench or eating a milkway bar when it’s his time to load. Watch out for this fiend!
Training Song: High on Fire – Snakes for the Divine
Craig ‘Monkey arms’ Joyce is the resident small guy of the team. Weighing a slender but powerful 56kg he is known for his insane Deadlift’s & has been training for many years however has only competed in a handful of competitions He is also hoping to compete in May and put to shame some guys who weigh doubles his weight!
In May Craig is hoping to lift (Unequipped):
  • Squat – 110kg
  • Bench – 85kg
  • Deadlift – 170kg
If you ever need to be baffled by ridiculous science knowledge or facts… Craig is your man!
Training Song: AC/DC – Highway to Hell
Max Semple (or just big max for short) is the big man of the team. His weight is unknown but in Powerlifting terms he is known as super heavy. New to Powerlifting but is living the dream and is straight into kit already… However it is triple ply which basically means all lifts do not count. He is also competing unequipped in May in 125kg + category but does have his sights on a lower category in the future.
Max is hoping for the following lifts:
  • Squat – 170kg
  • Bench – 120kg
  • Deadlift – 220kg
As you can see max insists on wearing the brightest clothing in the attempt that nobody will realise he isn’t hitting depth…
Training Song: Eminem – Lose Yourself
Rogan Allport has taken his reputation as a rebel to brand new heights and has transferred from Powerlifting to Olympic Weightlifting. Therefore no more will be said about this individual.
Training Song: Greenday – She’s a Rebel

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