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WSA Powerlifting Meet Report – Part 2: Ruth’s Road Trip with the Dave’s Gym Powerlifters

Walk into Dave’s Gym on most weekday evenings and you will very easily locate the members of Powerlifting Team. They’re loud, messy, lift the heaviest and arguably boast the best collection of tattoos in one group. Some may feel intimidated; I however love it. I heard on the grapevine they were training for the WSA Powerlifting Meet on 11th May. I decided they needed a girly mascot and therefore invited myself along for the ride. I wasn’t taking no for an answer. Armed with my camera / phone fully charged, notepad and plenty of food, I met Owen, Rogan & Craig at the gym for 7.30 am (ON A SATURDAY?!) to begin the journey to Pontardawe, Swansea.

It was raining when we arrived at the venue in the depths of the Swansea valley but this did not dampen the excited spirits of the team (I think I was the most excited, probably because all I had to do was sit on my backside all day and cheer gratefully). The venue, the Jubilee Club, was literally epic. Totally inappropriate for a powerlifting competition on first glance, but totally appropriate for myself and Dan, the cheerleaders –  lots of places to sit and the bar appeared to be open from 9am.

Weigh in’s started at 9am. I attempted to take down the information (hope this is all accurate, guys!)

Craig: 54.8kg
Ed: 77.3kg
Rogan: 81kg
Owen: 81.7kg
Tom: 89.4kg
Max: 134.7kg

Then came the big re-feed and re-hydrate before lifting began at 11am. Here’s a selection of photos of food stuffs being consumed:

Rogan’s almond butter with apples.
Tom’s pizza and coke
Max’s (amazing) brownies. Thanks for sharing these out!

Craig’s mixture of fluids straight out of his lab.
Also Owen eating…something. Not quite brioche at this stage. 

Dan and I got into prime position seats to capture all the action of the boys squatting. Unfortunately most of my photos actually suck.


Craig (56kg weight class):

1. 75kg
2. 90kg (Pictured)
3. 105kg (missed)

Rogan (82.5 kg weight class)

1. 120kg
2. 130kg (Pictured)
3. 140kg (missed)

Ed (82.5kg weight class)

1. 125kg
2. 135kg (Pictured)
3. 140kg

Owen (82.5kg weight class)

1. 215kg
2. 225kg (Pictured)
3. 240kg

Max (125kg + weight class)

1. 160kg
2. 175kg
3. 185kg (Pictured)

Tom (90kg weight class)

1. 190kg
2. 200kg (Pictured)
3. 207.5kg (missed)

There are videos of everyone’s final attempts but they shouldn’t make their way onto this blog as my voice is far too enthusiastic / annoying!

Sadly Dan & I lost our prime position seats so there is little footage of the boys’ benching. I continued to scribble in my little notepad (again, I hope this is all accurate!)

1. 70kg
2. 77.5kg
3. 85kg (missed)

1. 85kg
2. 90kg
3. 95kg

1. 90kg
2. 100kg
3. 102.5kg (missed)

1. 155kg
2. 165kg
3. 170kg

1. 125kg
2. 135kg
3. 140kg (missed)

1. 130kg
2. 140kg
3. 145kg (missed)

By this stage the levels of testosterone in the room were so high it was all very overwhelming for a little person like me!

Last lift of the day, which seemed to fly by far too quickly. Once again I attempted to take photos and videos but they didn’t work out too well, unfortunately. I should never venture into a career in photography.

1. 145kg (counted as a technical fail, but I am told this was due to Craig putting the bar down too quickly)
2. 162.5kg
3. 170kg

1. 160kg
2. 170kg
3. 180kg (missed)

1. 180kg
2. 190kg
3. 200kg

1. 230kg
2. 245kg
3. 260kg

1. 220kg
2. 235kg
3. 240kg (missed)

1. 220kg
2. 230kg
3. 262.5kg

In summary this was absolutely a fantastic day. Impressive lifting from everyone, and a wonderfully encouraging environment to enjoy. It was an honour to come along and support the Dave’s Gym Powerlifters, even though I didn’t do a very good job of taking photos and pretty much lost my voice from all the shouting for days afterwards. I may or may not have been inspired to take part in the next WSA competition in August….

Watch this space!
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