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Welcome to, what I hope, is a regular return to me getting back into the writing seat again after an incredibly long time away from the keyboard. It’s the start of a brand new year and millions of people the World over are heading in droves to a gym near you. I used to scoff at these poor, deluded souls who, to my eyes, had no willpower or motivational drive of their own. Instead they join the rest of the herd and do that usual, clichéd, hackneyed, standard New Year’s Resolution thing.

Now, however, my attitude is quite different. Irrespective of your religious beliefs there can be no denying that the whole of western civilization comes to a stuttering halt towards the end of December and takes awhile to kick-start itself back into action come January.  So, maybe having a suitable conclusion to one year and a start to another is a good a place as any to draw a line in the sand, stare at the ghastly apparition in the mirror,  balance a cup cake on your shoulder, and dare the fat bastard to knock it off.

My resolution is probably the same as yours – I want to get in GREAT shape.

Shall we do it together?

For the next 12 months I am going to be following a periodised workout plan that will, over the course of the year, focus on different areas of strength and fitness. This will all be backed up with a diet and plenty of motivational videos.

There will also be regular posts from me as I moan about how hard it is to do all this and have a life outside of the gym.

So if you want to become awesomely fit, strong and have a midsection that you could bounce walnuts off then come join me. You have nothing to lose except your gut, ass, self respect, will to live, time for anything else, all sense of reasoning and proprietary and any close relationships you may have formed.

But in the quest for glory and buffness these are minor sacrifices to be made.

Thanks for reading,

Dave Carter.

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